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A baby rabbit called Niou

I'm finally back after spending most of the day out, despite still being jet-lagged.  I got back to Japan on Thursday and aside from renewing my gaijin card yesterday,  I've been taking it easy at home.  But today I was determined to get out and do something.  I met starrbeam for lunch.  We had pizza at her place and watched How She Move.  I also enjoyed playing with her pet rabbit.  He's so cute and tiny.  After meeting Jamie and Trisha in Shinjuku really quick, we headed back to Ikebukuro for 2 hours at karaoke.  It was nice to sing some Johnny's songs for a change.  After karaoke, we were gonna go for sushi but didn't know where the nearest kaitenzushi place was, so ended up going to an izakaya.  Yay for cheap food.  I tried a nabe dish with intestines..and well let's just say I don't like cow intestines..yuck. never again!  I ended up just eating the veggies and tofu in the nabe.  Luckily, they were enough to make me full.  After dinner, we went back to starrbeam's place and played with her bunny again.  He's so fun to pet.  We tried to teach him tricks but well...that wasn't very successful.  At least we know how to make him lie down.  I tell ya, I can play with him all day.

Well, I should get some rest.  Tom. will be a pretty busy day.  Oyasumi!!


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Aug. 16th, 2008 03:37 pm (UTC)
glad you got back safely =3

and aw that is one cute rabbit~ ^^~

reading all of your LJs (jamie, eda and you mostly) I really miss Japan and I wish I had the money to come and visit again soon =(

(we should totally go for karaoke together when I do come over again!)

Aug. 17th, 2008 08:06 am (UTC)
Glad, you're back safe. ^^
The bunny looks so cute! Made me remember the time I had one as well. ^^
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