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Wow.  That was totally messed up. Totally messed up. @ o@
And yet...it had such a great ending.

So ummm...yeah that wasn't exactly the ending I was hoping for Marianne.
Is there anyone is Lulu's family that isn't dead yet that I DON'T hate at the moment.
Ok, well I don't mine Cornie, I understand her.  But Schneizel...the jury's still out on him.  I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt.  But I assume he's gonna put up quite the fight.
It just sucks that Lulu's parents were so screwed up. I'm especially disappointed in Marianne.  I thought she'd be much cooler.
But she just turned out to be some crazed twisted maniac. Perhaps in some twisted way there is some relief that I do find in the fact that Charles and Marianne claimed they did the things they did to protect Lulu and Nuns but...yeah still they did do everything for themselves.
And it sux because even the Emp.'s other children admired Marianne.

The whole scheme was still a bit confusing for me.  I still wonder what the director had truly wanted for this part of the plot.

Anyhow, I loved when Lulu scolded his parents.  It was brilliant.  FukuJun deserves another seiyuu award for playing Lulu, I tell ya.

The best part of this episode was the one month later when we see Suzaku and Lulu on the same side.  So awesome that Suzaku is Lulu's Knight of Zero now!!  He's much cooler as Lulu's bodyguard.

I kinda wished that Lulu didn't have to Geass everyone into acknowledging him as the emperor.  I want Lulu to gain the courts trust on his own.  But I guess it can't be helped given the circumstances. Kanon if Schneizel becomes evil, please defect. I loved the reaction of Lulu's schoolmates. Can't wait to see more of Emperor Lulu in action next ep. and more Knight of Zero!! Go Suzaku!


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