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Once again, Code Geass R2 never ceases to give me a near heart-attack.

SUZAKU was so awesome in this episode! He's so much better when he and Lulu are friends and on the same side.

Ok, it's not like I didn't think it could happen.
I mean we never did see Nunnally meet her demise with our own eyes so, the possibility of her still being alive or even coming back from the dead never escaped my mind.
But dude for Schneizel to suddenly use Nuns like this...To suddenly bring her out of nowhere...how cruel!
Very cruel for a big brother.
And poor Lulu...as if thinking she was dead wasn't traumatic enough. Now she comes out and declares that she's his enemy!! WTF!!
Impossible!!  Nooooooooooooooo!!
How could Nuns hate Lulu?  She's the type to forgive, right?
Is she being manipulated or is she pissed about what Lulu did to her father (and mother, if she knows..but if she knew about her mother, I'd assume she'd be as mad as Lulu)?  But I couldn't see why Cornelia would agree to use Nuns like that...so I dunno.  I think Cornie loves Nuns just as much as she did Euphie.

Am I gonna have to read the novel to figure out how Lulu explained what happened with Euphie to Suzaku?
He's gotta know the truth now, right? Since Lulu was talking all about how alot of blood still needs to be shed in order for the memory of what Euphie did to disappear from people's minds. I just really would've liked to see how he explained it.
I can't wait for next week.
Instead of Rolo, looks like Lulu's gonna have to rely on Suzaku to comfort him.

PS. BTW, I'm listening to LuluKuru station now and they just explained something that nagged me about GoGoGo Fes in Budoukan.  Before the event, FukuJun (on LuluKuru) said how he wanted to get everyone in the audience at Budoukan to say "All Hail Britannia." I was looking forward to that but it didn't happen. And now in ep. 23 of LuluKuru Sta. He just mentioned that he wanted to do it but due to certain circumstances he couldn't. Haha, then him and Sakupyon ran away from trying to explain by reading another email.:p


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