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Unfortunately, Schneizel seems to have inherited his father's insanity and has lost his cool points.  At least Clovis' craziness was amusing.

Did Schneizel ever really love Lulu?

I mean really to take down his own sister like that.  I'm a bit disappointed, I mean if Cornelia was going to die I was hoping for something more glorious or more dramatic for a death scene.  Instead being killed at the snap of Schneizel's fingers was pretty lame.
I was actually hoping Cornelia would keep her mouth shut and pretend to go with the plan but sneak out to meet Lulu and side with him and then him confess about the Euphemia incident. :< Well I can only hope that she's wearing a bulletproof vest and that any injuries she DID sustain are treatable and she is only feigning death...but that might be a bit far-fetched.

I liked the Lulu x C.C. moment.  Lulu's really a good guy deep down inside.

Suzaku was badass.  Thank goodness there's someone to keep Lulu in check who's still on his side.

Sayoko is quite the useful ninja maid.

I wonder how Nuns is gonna realize she's on the wrong side.

Gino joined the Kuro no Kishidan but I wished he had joined Britannia with Suzaku.
It really sucks that the Black Knights couldn't be on the same side as Lulu.  It really makes cheering for a particular side more difficult when there are three or four different factions at war.

Why can't Schneizel just admit defeat? Instead his idea for world peace is to manipulate 1 sister, kill the other and destroy 90% of the world and teach the remaining 10% of mankind a lesson.  Wow, Schneizel how not brilliant you are. He was much cooler when his father was emp.

So I'm not really sure what the last card is but I really hope the next episode will be something spectacular.  I didn't come all this way just just to see some lame death scenes.


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