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I got goosebumps at the end there.
I even cried. So touching.

I was surprised.  I actually didn't mind the ending.

That was really well done.
I liked the dialogues...especially during the Lulu's death scene.
Of course, I didn't want Lulu to die.  And I cringed at the thought that the show might end sloppily and unsatisfyingly.
But after finally watching the last episode, I can say I am actually okay with the ending.
In my perfect ending Lulu would've been acknowledged for the great guy he is....but well...
I was glad that Suzaku survived.
And I actually liked serious open-eyed Nunally. The death scene was beautiful.
I just wish Lulu could've had a last scene with his old classmates.  One where he could've just been himself...if that would've even been possible and they could just ignore the evil in the world and the sins that Lulu had comitted up til now.  Even for just 1 scene.

I'm glad Nuns found out about Lulu's real intentions and their love yous at the end were beautiful.

And despite the end being slightly open-ended (which sometimes open-ended endings are really unsatisying for me), I actually felt this ending was good and something I could be happy with.

And I say open because it seems that people (even Japanese viewers) still are confused as to whether he lived or not.
Esp. with the origami crane (which can be interpreted in many ways as ppl fold them to have a wish granted....like getting well or peace or long life, etc. ) and then there's C.C.'s quote at the end.

And yes she could be looking up at the sky. 

But...then again she could also be looking up speaking towards the driver. Yes, the driver with the hat and whose face is suspicously hard to see...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Being the positive person that I am, I'd like to hope that the driver is LULU.  I mean really how come they don't happen to show his face? And what C.C. says makes sense.
Well, I'm gonna miss this show.  I hope there'll be an OVA or something. As long as the story is good I'll watch it.


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Sep. 29th, 2008 01:56 pm (UTC)
i am praying very hard that lulu is alive too. i am a huge fan of lulu despite of all his sins.

despite all his plans so far had killed thousands of people (which no matter how good the reason is) is still unacceptable, i think his final plan of changing the world with his own 'death' deserves our respect. just how many has the courage of having the whole world against you with your precious sister cursing you and still decide to continue the plan that helps them more than for you
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