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Tokyo is small big city: Tenimyu edition
So yesterday my friends and I were at Ikebukuro station after saying goodbye to hinoai  when this Japanese guy who looks exactly like Juri aka Akutsu Jun from Tenimyu, walks in our direction. So I shrug at my friend's sleeve to confirm it.  And she agrees that the guy looks like him.  But hey it's Tokyo it IS possible this guy just looks like him.  So I call out Juri's name to see if he responds at all.  And lo and behold, he turns around and faces us and we greet each other.  Haha..It was so funny.  Was such a relief to have confirmed it instead of being doubtful about it.

Ok, it's not hard to randomly run into Tenimyu guys around Tokyo.  This wasn't the first time.
But when am I gonna run into seiyuu?  Well....I should say seiyuu that I know and recognize.  Hehe who knows how many seiyuu I've prolly ridden the same train with but didn't recognize.

Finished Boy Princess
In other news I finished reading the Boy Princess manhwa today. I really love that story.
I actually feel bad about Derek's ending because I liked him and Shahi even if he was totally S.
But the way Derek and his son looked so much alike, I thought he was a good match for Shahi.
And it seemed like Derek's spirit was within him.
Hopefully, he grew up to be more gentle.  And I loved how he eventually ended up becoming king.
I actually wish there was a sequel to tell his story!


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