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It was fun joining in the livepost again!  I have to go somewhere next week but hopefully, I can do it again.  It's so much funner to be able to discuss the episode with others as your watching.

That was one heck of a cliffhanger!! 
With Mr. Bushido and Ali back into the picture and now even HE wants to fight if he can defeat the voices in his head that is...things should be getting even more interesting from here on out.

When Saji saw the devastation I was like yeah that's right Saji look at what you did! Uhhuh that's the result of your actions.
Go ahead, cry like a baby on the floor and assume the fetal position.

Tieria is awesome!!  The bitchslap heard around the universe was classic!  I love when Tieria gets angry and lectures!! He's good at scolding people.
Saji was sent to the corner to reflect.  And then finally he got some baseballs and sprinted into action with the rest of Celestial Being.
Is Saji finally becoming a hero?

I hate Evil! Haro.

Louise and Soma/Marie met.  Marie could tell that Louise was crying in her heart thanks to her awesome ESP abilities.  Louise is thinking of someone!! Who?  Could it be...Saji!!!?

Marie decides she doesn't deserve to be Sergei's daughter. T__T
I really feel bad for the poor girl. She thinks that she's only some fighting machine. T__T  She DOES deserve to be loved!! 

Alle and Marie fought but she still doesn't remember him. Poor Ale.

Mr. Bushido is so cool!

Saji joins the fight but when Louise is approaching for an attack, he freezes.  He hates war but can he overcome that to fight for what is right?  Well I'm hoping he shoots and protects himself dammit....its either kill or be killed boy. Shoot already!  Well just as the scene fades into credits he may or may not have shot....we have no idea..and thus the cliffhanger for next week. T___T

And in the C Part of the show, we get left on a cliffie for Alle's battle as well.
Can't wait for this week's Celestial Station.  I wanna hear Irino-kun's reaction!


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