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Hi to all the people who've recently added me.
Sorry I haven't been updating much.  It's really tough when I have to share computer time with my sis and parents.
I've been spending most of my time online watching anime. 

I finally finished Gundam Seed yesterday.  I think if I was back at my own computer I could've finished it in 2 or 3 days.  But, it took me about 5 days since I was sharing the comp and busy going out to places.  But it's all good. It's great to be back home and be able to watch tv I can't get in Japan.  Some of my favorite shows include: Daddy's Girls, John and Kate Plus Eight and America's Best Dance Crew..But I also tend to watch continuous episodes of Clean House, Ruby, and if I'm in the mood Split Ends.  Actually, after a while I got tired of watching Split Ends because it just started to get more and more unbelievable that professionals could behave that way and just seemed more and more staged.  It's especially strange how everyone starts off hating each other and by the end always seemed to win the respect of their temporary colleagues.  I know all of the shows don't end that way but enough of them do.  That aside, I also love watching Food TV and Discovery Health.
Oh and I previously mentioned John and Kate...well, I could watch that for hours and hours and not get tired of it.  It's so fascinating watching them parenting...

Gundam Seed

About Gundam Seed...I love it! I remembered watching some parts of the show when I used to flip the channel when I was living in Akita.  And then the same later on with Destiny.  But by the time I was in Japan, Seed was ending so I didn't wanna start watching it from the end.  And when I thought of how many episodes it was, it seemed daunting to start.  Not to mention, I don't think I really thought I'd be interested in watching a mecha show at that time.  I would say Code Geass was the first time I actually thought mecha was cool.

And I actually started watching a few episodes of Destiny some months ago but then stopped.  I liked what I saw but I figured I'd understand more and appreciate things better if I saw the first series.  So finally this break has given me the time to be able to do so.  

I'm surprised I like both of the lead couples.  Kira x Lacus and Arthrun x Cagalli!!  And pink haro is so cute!!! 
I'm looking forward to watching the rest of Destiny.  But I think I'll have to save half of the episodes for viewing when I get back to Japan.
I just have no more free time now.><

The rest of my time'll be devoted to preparing for the Inauguration and well packing.  Prolly was a bad idea to leave the day after the Inauguration but oh well.  I'm gonna have to wake up ridiculously early on Tuesday and Wednesday. +___+

I went to Union Station yesterday

Speaking of Inauguration, I went to Union Station yesterday!  Yeah, it was last minute but actually getting into DC wasn' t so difficult and my dad got a space in no time.    Only thing was that once we got to Union Station, no one had a clue as to wear Obama would pass through.  So crowds of people were in the station lobby and at the gates waiting.  But guess what he ended up going straight from the platform to his limo.  So I would've had a better chance seeing him if I had been waiting outside the station.  By the time we found out he was outside, we race outside the station and his motorcade was already just up the street heading to Blair House and we weren't gonna run for it.  But it was still a fun experience.  Just being around all those people from all over America and I guess the world since there were Japanese people there, too.  And even NTV, a Japanese station was there, too.  Being around all of these people who were all hoping to get a glimpse of Obama and all so happy to be able to at least get a chance was exciting.    

A funny thing that happened was one time around 6pm because that's when his train was supposed to come in, a station announcer started making an announcement with "Ladies and Gentlemen...." and suddenly the whole station froze and everyone stopped talking in anticipation..but the announcer quickly followed with "please make sure you have your luggage with you at all times..blah blah" and everyone just had this whole "boo" reaction because we were expecting an announcement about Obama. :p  It was hilarious.


Lastly, I guess I'll go ahead and give my reaction to the Hetalia (anime) news.  I've also had the pleasure of having time to read Hetalia during this vacation and I personally enjoy the series.  Of course, I don't take the series seriously at all.  You've just gotta understand that the series is not PC.  It's sad that Hetalia won't be aired on TV but at least there will be other alternatives to watching it.  I'll refrain from playing the blame game. I'm sure everyone's already had enough of that drama for now.
BTW, I love the OP song!!  Can't wait to watch the show...I've been enjoying listening to the drama cd. So cute!!


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Jan. 19th, 2009 11:11 am (UTC)
Have an awesome time at the inauguration!! I am looking forward to hearing about it :D
Jan. 19th, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Hopefully I can take some good pics of something even if I'm not so close.>< Wish I didn't have to go back to Japan the day after. Argh!
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