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FGOM! What the heck is going on!?
I didn't expect this episode to be so exciting but it had me on the edge of my seat.
Really, if you've taken a break from 00, now is the time to catch up.

I loved Irino's acting in this episode.  That part where he was talking about how constantly killing and getting revenge for people isn't gonna bring anyone back to life...was wow.  Really pulled at my heartstrings! Finally Saji says something cool.

Even though, I think Louise' s traumatic experience has kinda left her kinda crazy, I really admire the stronger Louise. It's amazing how I can like this part of her now, when she used to annoy me so much in the past.  But like Saji said she was just a lonely girl...so I feel I understand her better and it would be kinda cool if she could become the old selfish Louise again. I say before the end of this series, even if just for a second, Louise should revert to her old self and whine and bug Saji about getting her stuff.  It would be interesting to see.

I'm scared of Andrei.  The more I get to know him, the more I hate him.  Honestly, how do you kill your own father and not even let him explain things.  You big dolt, Andrei.  You're on the wrong team. I hope Soma takes care of his @$$!

Speaking of Soma, poor Alle.  Forgive me, but I was hoping during battle that Alle would kinda get hurt saving her so that would snap her back to her senses but oh well...Saji's outburst happened instead.  I just feel like she's denying Alle of a relationship with her and their past together when she doesn't let him call her Marie. But I know it's because she's going through some tough times.  But still...poor Alle.

I like Lockon x Anew.  They are cute together.  Even tho, Lyle seems to know something is up with Anew...I loved how he confessed to her in the previous ep. So sweet.  I want things to work out for them.  After the end of ep. 19...what's going to happen!!!  Oh man the suspense.

And lastly, Nena....The Trinity brat I hate the most.  But hey I commend her on snuffing out Wang Liu Mei.  Well presumably anyway..nothing's for sure since we didn't see any bodies but kudos to her for trying.  I'm sorry but WLM kinda got what she had coming to her.  My one regret is that the info on Veda won't be getting to Tieria by means of her.:( Poor Tieria.  Oh yeah, and since I didn't write about ep. 18 I have to note how funny I thought it was when all the characters were calling out the names of the people they love and Tieria calls out Veda. haha. That was hilarious.
Ok, I gotta go to bed.  Man time flies.



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