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That was fun! It's the first time I've liveposted at the 00 comm since I've been back in Japan.
It's especially fun now because so many people are participating now that as soon as I'm done commenting a new page of comments has already been filled. I'm gonna do my best to make the livepostings for these last 3 episodes.

Unfortunately, I missed the first 8 minutes.  So, I have no idea what details I missed in the beginning.
I started watching when everyone became resolute to fight for the future.
Alle's fighting so that no more Soma's will have to be born. T__T So damn sweet. I love ya Alle. 
Saji told Setsuna not to fail because he wants to find the future.  I couldn't help but think, oh Saji you better make sure you do your part, too.
There was a little trouble there when the enemy ships came to attack....some of us at the comm. had a premonition someone was gonna die.
Luckily, Kataron came to the rescue and noone on the Celestial Being side had to bite the dust.  Wooo..it was actually A-laws' lardass blondie, Arthur Goodman,  that died. 
Kati was badass cool!

The most shocking part of the episode was the scene with Regene and Ribbonz!  Ribbonz almost had control of Regene but somehow Regene prevailed the mind fucking and shot Ribbonz!  Well assuming he is the real Ribbonz....Whoever he is, he appeared to be dead but we don't know since the scene just ended with him falling but who knows next week he might suddenly get back up or we find out he's immortal or we find out it was just a clone or something.  It just seemed too easy for him to have gone down like that.  If he's dead, I'd miss his evilness way too much.  He's such a great villain.  We'll have to wait and see. 
But kudos to Regene for standing up for himself.  I like Regene. Maybe he really is capable of guiding mankind to the future.



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