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Today was the Linebarrel event at Mielparque Tokyo.
nerfracket  and I had a fantabulous time.  And you should really go to her lj for any and all juicy details of  the event. :p
(nerf is awesome!  leave it to her for the best of the best of event reports!)

Really this event was awesome. Of course, if you don't know anything about Kacky and his usual interaction with his seiyuu co-workers, you'd think by the end of the show he'd be crying alone in a little corner somehwere.  This was really the bully Kacky festival!!

Seriously from beginning to end he was teased.  Even the female seiyuu didn't spare him.
But it was all in fun!! Good good fun!

One of the most memorable things was when Kacky was recalling how nice of a guy Nakamura Yuuichi is. After recordings, You-Can would wait for Kacky to finish recording and they'd go out together for drinks and food.  But right after saying this, You-Can denied these claims and called Kacky a liar. A shocked and befuddled Kacky wondered how he could say that when for half a year he'd always admired You-Can for being so kind to him.  But You-Can coldly said he wasn't waiting for Kacky, he was waiting for everyone else.  And if they ever went out it was only maybe 3 or 4 times. 

Haha..You-Can was definitely the coolest of the guys there.  His whole demeanor during the event just exuded coolness.

FukuJun and You-Can both spared no moment to make fun of Kacky.

One of my favorite moments was when everyone was making fun of Kacky's kanji reading skills. I can't remember exactly what they said now but FukuJun was clever and made a joke that Kacky not only kanji yomenai but kuuki yomenai, too.
Kacky's poor kanji reading skills were especially made apparent when the cast played the Linebarrel PSP Game and were adding their voices by reading the script of what the characters were saying in the game.  When Kacky was reading, he had to get close to the screen to see the kanji and was evidently struggling to read.(<--This made me feel a lot better about my kanji skills.)

Kacky talked about how he had alot of lines as a lead character.  The cast teased him asking who he was.."What's your name again? Kaki--...Kaki...???" They had him go centerstage and introduce himself as some of the cast joked about not knowing him.

Later he also took stage as the entire audience told him: Anata wa saitei desu.

There was an original episode all focused on Rachel's character and how she went around each character's room and found them doing crazy stuff.  The funniest was when they caught a serious Reiji, playing the suika-wari game alone in his room.
At the end of this episode, during the credits Nakamura Yuuichi's name caught everyone by surprise as he was listed as playing five minor characters. :p So half of the screen was full with his name.

There was also a live script reading featuruing a new original story in which Kouichi is determined to discover Reiji's weakness.  He invades Reiji's room and after double-entendres finds the key to Reiji's weakness where most men stash theirs...under his bed.  It's Reiji's diary...Kouichi reads the diary aloud for the other characters and they discover the lonely life that is Reiji's.  Apparently he went to a deserted island where he enjoyed a life without people and had a bbq all by himself.  Everyone can't help but pity Reiji and read on to find a fun entry.  They find an entry in which Reiji talks about going out for drinks with Masaki and Hisataka. Reiji ends up debating with Hisataka about whether cats or dogs are better.  Reiji is for cats and Hisataka is for dogs.  Kouichi-tachi are shocked that Reiji hung out with the Katou-Kikan crew.  Soon after, Reiji catches everyone in his room.  He is questioned about Katou-Kikan.  He tells Kouichi to read the page behind the cover.  It turns out the book wasn't actually Reiji's.

 At the end of the show, everyone prepared to throw autographed balls to the audience.  To make throwing easier all the male seiyuu took of their blazers, and sweaters/jackets.  FukuJun, YouCan and Chiba Susumu shocked the audience with their nicely toned arms.  I would say most girls in the room were pleasantly surprised.  

BTW, I'd say at the end when everyone was making their final comments,  Nakamura Yuuichi was the most popular amongst the girls but Kacky had the most variety in popularity as a mix of both guy and gal fans were calling his name and cheering him on.

Well, that's the end of my report.  Forgive me for any typos or memory lapse...I'm doing my best at 2 in the morning.  Time for bed! 


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