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A picture from Inaguration day with an Obama quote in front of Takashimaya in Shinjuku. It was funny how short and simple the Japanese translation was compared to the longer and more poetic original English.

Today was another day off even tho, I had a lot to do.
And man I went outside to take a walk and got stuck in a sudden pass over storm.  
So one minute it was sunny and the next minute a huge downpour and then sunny again. ><
Well on the bright side, at least it was so hot outside that the cool rain was actually quite refreshing.

Daba Raji

Oh yeah, I listened to Daba Raji earlier.  It was so funny.  This 7 unit group whose one common point is that they're all born in the year of the horse (1978) is such a great idea!  Not only are a bunch of my faves in it but two of the seiyuu who I wanted to get to know a bit more about are in it, too.  ie. Tachibana S. and Hino S.

It was so hilarious during the show when they were all trying to figure out what they had in common.  And of course FukuJun said we're all Kansai-jin!!  <--Of course, not true. lol  
And then someone said everyone's gay!  And then there was a pause before everyone bursted out laughing. LoL....Then I think it was Fukujun who was like Eh, Really?  Everyone's gay, all this time I hadn't known. And then someone brought up that they've all done BL.XD
It was hilarious.

Then the guys were trying to figure out what they want to do as a unit.  They had all these big dreams like making a movie and going overseas to Las Vegas to gamble.  But their dreams were all so huge and they realized they'd need money to realize those dreams. XD

They're all so funny together.  This radio show sounds like it's gonna be really fun!!

Sengoku Basara

I also watched more Sengoku Basara today.  Hoshi still amazes me as Sanada.  I felt bad for Tadakatsu.  That was a good guy.
And it was cute to see how faithful Nagamasa was to Ichi even after he found out about her.:[  And Masamune's so brave.  I dunno, when I see the good guys with the guns I think they're so cool but when I saw the army of baddies with guns I was like damn the Westerners for ever introducing guns to the Japanese. ><


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