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"I'm sorry Hirosue-san but I'm not like the woman you're hoping for. I don't want to meet you looking like this any more than this."

Somebody PLEASE save me from my tears!! ;___;
I just listened to the most Beautiful and Dearest Thing ever...the drama cds for the Utsukushii Koto and Itoshii Koto novels by Konohara Narise whose other novels Cold Sleep, The Man With No Clothes, Don't Worry Mama, etc..I have also read.  I want to read more of the Cold Series by the way.

Actually, I listened to UK a few days ago but only listened to IK today.  So the cold ending that UK left off at was still fresh in my mind.  And I love when touching series like this have sequels.  I'm glad that Utsukushii Koto didn't end with a solid conclusion and totally left with the listener wanting to hear more.  Luckily, I didn't have to wait long to hear the next cd. But wow, the ending was great and much happier than the first cd...but still I want more!!  I want to Matsuoka and Hirose dating again and living in the same town....and possibly live under the same roof!!

In case your curious here's a short summary of Utsukushii Koto.
Matsuoka Yousuke (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) is a very capable guy who like most salarymen gets stress from work.
While most people are satisfied with a drink...Matsuoka likes dressing up like a woman to relieve his stress.
But it's not that he wants to be a woman or is interested in guys or anything.  There's just something about wearing a dress and putting on makeup as well as getting attention from guys for his prettiness that makes him feel relaxed and lifts his mood up.  
Unfortunately, one day he runs into a guy he deals with for work who mistakes him as being a woman and picks him up.  Thinking that he can benefit from getting to know about the guy's hobbies and getting info about his company, he goes along with the guy and pretends to be a woman.  In an effort to sound like a woman, he changes the pitch of his voice as well.  Matsuoka is so convincing, that the guy attempts to seduce him and takes him to bed and undresses him before Matsuoka can stop him. When Matsuoka is found out, he runs away leaving his purse containing his wallet and shoes behind.  With no way to get home he pitifully sits on the ground in the pouring rain without an umbrella.  He sees people from work who might be able to help but not wanting to be seen dressed as a woman, he refrains from calling out to them.

Fortunately, one man approaches him with an umbrella and offers help.  His name is Hirosue Motofumi (Sugita Tomokazu)  and he happens to work at the same company as Matsuoka.  He's very kind to woman-Matsuoka and offers him his shoes to wear.  He also calls a taxi for Matsuoka and pays the fare--5-6000yen (!!).  I should also mention that Matsuoka bothered by the fact that the creepy guy from before said his woman voice was strange...decides to pretend to be mute in front of Hirosue.

The next day Matsuoka runs into Hirosue at work but Hirosue doesn't recognize him at all.  
Matsuoka decides to meet Hirosue again as a woman to return his shoes.  He could've met him as himself but didn't want to be told he was disgusting for dressing up as a woman.  He decides that this is the last time he'll dress up as a woman again, especially with what happened with the guy from before. He meets with Hirosue and hands him the shoes...but actually the shoes he gives him aren't the same battered ones he was lent but he actually went out and bought him some brand new shoes. 

Hirosue is attracted to crossdressed Matsuoka and asks him for his number forgetting that Matsuoka is mute and therefore wouldn't be able to say anything over the phone. Not wanting to be forced into a troublesome situation, Matsuoka refuses to tell him his number and leaves.   

Days later Matsuoka sees Hirosue at the place where they had parted.  He realizes that Hirosue must be waiting for the crossdressed Matsuoka.
Matsuoka  can't bare to see him waiting there day in and day out and he decides to finally end it with Hirosue by telling him that he's getting married and moving far away.  But just as he's about to tell Hirosue, his stomach growls and Hirosue invites him to dinner.  Matsuoka knows he should hurry up and dump Hirosue but feels the least he can do is go out to eat with him.

They go out to eat and Matsuoka enjoys the meal.  After the meal, Hirosue musters the courage to ask Matsuoka his name.  Matsuoka thinks quickly and uses his mother's maiden name and introduces himself as Youko.  Hirosue asks to exchange emails and Matsuoka agrees because it'll be much easier to dump him via email. Hirosue begins sending emails to Matsuoka conveying his direct feelings to him and the two begin to know more about each other, eventually Matsuoka even gives Hirosue his telephone no. and Hirosue starts giving him wake up calls. 

But soon, Matsuoka decides he's got to end things now.  He sends an email to Hirosue telling him he can't go out with him anymore since there is someone he likes. Hirosue calls Matsuoka wanting to at least convey his feelings to Youko in the end.  Matsuoka finds out that Hirosue was going through a hard time at the time he dumped him...Hirosue was officially being forced to transfer. Crossdressed Matsuoka shows up outside of Hirosue's going away party to showoff in front of Hirosue's criticizers.

Unable to reject Hirosue anymore, Matsuoka starts going out with Hirosue. Gradually he starts to develop feelings for Hirosue.  He falls so deep that he starts thinking of how good it is to be held by Hirosue and how gentle he must be during sex.  He realizes that  he likes Hirosue not only as a person but everything about him.  Very afraid of Hirosue's reaction but unable to go on hiding the truth from him, Matsuoka asks Hirosue to meet him again so that he can tell him everything honestly.

Hirosue goes to meet Youko but is surprised to find Yousuke waiting for him.  Matsuoka leads him to a room to talk privately.  Hirosue is confused and wonders where Youko is.  Matsuoka reveals that he's Youko but Hirosue can't believe him...everything about him is different from Youko his face and his hair...but Matsuoka shows him the dress and makeup he wears as Youko. He apologizes for deceiving Hirosue and tells him he's not gay or anything and just crossdresses to relieve his stress.  Hirosue asks to be alone to think things over.  Matsuoka leaves him but when he comes back to the room Hirosue's gone and has left a note saying he went home.

After that, Matsuoka continues to email and call Hirosue but gets no answers.  But Matsuoka doesn't give up.  He goes to meet Hirosue at his apartment.  Hirosue thinks that Matsuoka was having fun teasing him especially since he said he didn't even like men.  But Matsuoka refutes saying that it's true he isn't gay but that Hirosue is a special case.  Matsuoka wants to start things over again from before Etou Youko existed.  But Hirosue can't return Matsuoka's feelings at that moment and asks him to leave.  Matsuoka leaves but says he'll call and email again. 

After many days of unreturned emails, Matsuoka finally gets a reply from Hirosue who agrees to meet him for drinks. Hirosue gets drunk so Matsuoka takes him to his place.  A drunken Hirosue says some really hurtful things talking about how depressed he was thinking he had to see him tonight and how he didn't really want to meet Matsuoka again and see his face but felt he had to because Matsuoka kept sending emails to him even tho Hirosue wanted to stop the emails. Matsuoka wants to know why Hirosue hates him so much.  Hirosue says the reason is because he's a man.  But Matsuoka thought that all those things that Hirosue said was true about not liking Youko for her looks but because of Youko herself..that's why he confessed to Hirosue.  But Hirosue doesn't like how Matsuoka lied to him.
But still Hirosue can't get over the fact that Matsuoka is a man and can't even think of liking him in the same way that he loved Youko.
Matsuoka asks him to sleep with him once and see if he really doesn't like doing it with a man.
Matsuoka seduces the drunken Hirosue who mistakes Matsuoka for Youko and continues to call him Youko during sex.
But Hirosue isn't gentle and Matsuoka begins to resist but Hirosue continues hurting Matsuoka.  Finally Matsuoka leaves.

The next day Hirosue goes to see Matsuoka.  He can't really remember what he did clearly but he knows he did something bad and apologizes to Matsuoka. But Matsuoka says not to worry since they're both adults and he was the one to tempt him.

Matsuoka is asked by a female coworker, Hayama, to meet a friend of hers who he might be interested in dating but he finds out that the coworker's date is Hirosue.  He becomes jealous and frustrated that Hirosue can go out with someone so shortly after being so in love with Etou Youko.
Matsuoka Yousuke: What the heck is he doing...going out with Hayama? Four months haven't even passed since THAT! Even tho he was THAT crazy over Etou Youko!  It's painful to breathe. My chest hurts.  I want to cry but tears won't even fall. While I was struggling so desperately to forget him.  He was going on so well with Hayama.

Matsuoka doesn't show his frustration to Hirosue and praises Hayama when confronting Hirosue.  But he gets really pissed when Hirosue implores him not to mention their prior relationship. Later on the train, he cries thinking of how he wasn't good for Hirosue as Hirosue chose Hayama instead of him.

Matsuoka agrees to go on a double date outing with Fujimoto, Hayama and Hirosue.  Matsuoka gets drunk and Hirosue takes him to his room. When Matsuoka wakes up he can't  stand to be in the same room as Hirosue and decides to sober up in the car while listening to the radio.  When Matsuoka doesn't return to the room, Hirosue goes out to talk with Matsuoka. They have another unpleasant talk.

When the four begin to leave the next day, Matsuoka goes to get the car key left in his room. He finds Hirosue's watch on a table next to the key. He'd really meant to return the watch right away but he didn't have the courage to face him and tell him he forgot his watch and brought it home.  Then, the next day his own watch stopped so he started using Hirosue's and after a week he just couldn't let go of the watch.

Matsuoka dumped Fujimoto saying he had someone he'd like.
At work, Hayama asks Matsuoka to look for Hirosue's watch.  But Matsuoka doesn't want to return the watch.
Then, Matsuoka gets a call from Hirosue saying he wants to meet him.  Matsuoka wonders if Hirosue knows he has his watch and thinks he stole it.  He sets his keitai to reject Hirosue's emails and calls.  If he can't see him or go out with him anymore, he wants to at least be able to keep his watch.

Matsuoka hears from Hayama that Hirosue still hasn't forgotten Etou Youko.

Hirosue comes to Matsuoka's work to meet him.  But Matsuoka says he has no business with him.  But Hirosue insists on talking to him.
The two have a heated talk where Hirosue still talks about how confused he is about his feelings towards Matsuoka but Matsuoka hates how he can't firmly say that he likes him or wants to date him and they have a fight again.

For days, Matsuoka finds Hirosue sitting at a bench on the platform staring at him just like those days when he was waiting for Youko. But since Hirosue doesn't call out to Matsuoka, Matsuoka takes that as Hirosue not being able to answer to his feelings.

Hayama tells Matsuoka that she and Hirosue broke up half a month ago because Hirosue couldn't forget the person he loved from before.

That day, Matsuoka decides to purposely walk a station away from the usual station he goes home from in order to avoid seeing Hirosue.   But he runs into Hirosue at a railroad crossing.  Hirosue confesses that he thinks he likes Matsuoka but since he's never liked a man before he doesn't have any confidence in his feelings.  He wants Matsuoka to cooperate with him to figure things out.  But Matsuoka is annoyed by Hirosue's waffling around on a decision that eventually he'll be the one to make.

Matsuoka begins to walk away when he hears Hirosue fall.  He turns back to find Hirosue on the ground.  
Hirosue apologizes and admits to purposely falling thinking that if he did Matsuoka would turn around.
Hirosue asks that Matsuoka give him some more time until he can say that he loves him.
Matsuoka feels the warmth of Hirosue's hand and gives in.  He'll wait and hope for Hirosue to hurry up and finally say that he loves him. T__T

And so ended Utsukushii Koto.
And I thought I cried quite a bit during Utsukushii Koto.  But the amount I cried then doesn't even come close to how much I cried during Itoshii Koto. I was bawling at the end of that one.  I'll have to talk more about that tomorrow because woah this entry is way long and I need to get to bed now.  

The bottom line is listen/read this series it's so good.  I want to collect the novels now.  I so adore it!


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May. 24th, 2009 10:05 pm (UTC)
I really like Kihara Narise's stories though I've only read the Cold Series... can't wait for the drama cds for those ^^; And I heard that quite a few fans of the novels were unhappy with the cast for Utsukushii Koto when it was announced but that the end result was quite good... Reading part of the summary made me really want to listen to it so I'll have to dig em out ^^;

I hope they have a happy ending... @_@;
May. 25th, 2009 12:59 pm (UTC)
I remember the Cold Series leaving off with that unfulfilling ending that keeps you wanting for more. That's just like the Utsukushii Koto series. I didn't know drama cds were coming out. I'll be anticipating them for sure!

I wonder who the UK fans were hoping to be casted.
I'm glad that they had a change of heart because Suzuki and Sugitan did an outstanding job on these cds. I can't praise them enough.

After you listen to the cds, I'd be interested in hearing your impression of it.
I really really hope there'll be more to this series.

BTW, can you tell me the name of that drama cd you recommended with Kaji Yuuki and I think Waccha?
May. 25th, 2009 01:16 pm (UTC)
I was pretty satisfied with the Cold Series. Did you read the newly released version of the novels? After Cold Fever, there's a new piece along with some other short stories that were run in the magazine... ^^; So the new version leaves a better impression since it doesn't end when things are just starting to look up for the two of them at the end of Cold Fever XD;

I can't wait to find out the cast for the Cold Series. Kihara-sensei doesn't ever reuse the same seiyuu so I'm really impatient to know who'll be Tohru since I really like him.

Um... Erf. I'll look in up when I have my external set-up again XD; And I still have to upload you the Kuranoa cds... sorry T_T; I've been feeling really homesick lately so I haven't been up to doing much... I'm in the pit of laziness right now =_=; I just remember it's something with Kamen and Hanayome or something? The one that your friend M recced at the cafe right?
May. 25th, 2009 01:41 pm (UTC)

I understand I've been feeling quite lazy lately, too. I need to be more energetic. No rush for the Kuranoa cds. I've got plenty of stuff to catch up and keep me busy until then. よろしく!

So far I've only read Cold Sleep which I read in terrible English because it caught my eye at a bookstore when I went home like a couple years ago. I didn't pick up the Japanese books because I figured the English versions would be out soon enough. And then I completely forgot to keep up with it. And looking thru amazon、it doesn't look like any more were released in English so I guess I'll just go ahead and pick the rest of the series in Japanese. It'll be cheaper for me anyway. The books will be on my TO BUY LIST once payday rolls around.

I found Kamen no Hanayome! Thanks for the info!!

Edited at 2009-05-25 02:50 pm (UTC)
May. 30th, 2009 06:30 am (UTC)
I was bawling at the end of that one

OH GAD I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN T_T i was bawling myself when matsuoka bawled at the end of itooshii koto. it was just so happy, because he was in pain for a looooong time T_T
Jul. 9th, 2009 12:23 pm (UTC)
Just so you know, should you wish to write about Itoshii Koto as well, there's a very willing reader over here. ^_~

Thanks for the great summary of Utsukushii Koto. It got me really interested in the series. ^_^
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