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But in everyone's childhood there is someone who makes a definite impression on us. He becomes a partner in our mischief and shares in our troubles. He's our friend and companion.
I had a companion who was just like that.
My support.
The blessing of my God.

I really should be sleeping on a regular schedule since work begins this week.  But I've been quarantined and told to work at home today so I get to stay up as late as I want.  Actually, it was more like I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch a Bollywood movie.

 Sahir appearing in Billu's wife's dream. Aa yes, this is how I often picture Shahrukh in my dreams as well...

I watched Billu aka Billu the Barber which also happens to star Shahrukh Khan who recently made headlines after immigration detained him for two hours in New Jersey.  Be it routine or racial profiling...come on people even if you don't know who he is--the man is a worldwide star.  Ok well maybe just among Bollywood fans. Actually, I have heard of people who aren't into Bollywood films but know who SRK is.

But I digress.


Anyhow, Billu (Irfan Khan) was a wonderful movie about friendship. I mean imagine if you had a friend who became a huge celebrity whom everyone loves and respects. He became someone rich and famous....someone you could only ever dream of becoming and everything you're not.  You grew up with him and were his best friend but can only imagine that if you ever met again, he'd totally disown you or ignore you as you'd now be below him and only cramp his style. This was how Billu the Barber thought of his old friend Sahir the Star.

One day Sahir, his entourage and movie crew come to Billu's tiny village to shoot a movie.  Word spreads that Billu and Sahir are friends and everyone in town is trying to chummy it up with Billu to get a chance to meet Sahir.  Up till then, Billu was treated as a nobody and couldn't even attract enough customers to earn enough cash to buy a chair for his barber shop. But now everyone treats Billu like he's just as much a star as his friend Sahir. Billu promises to get Sahir to meet the people but can he really make good on his promise.  And is he REALLY friends with Sahir or was that all a sham??

This movie has a touching end and sends out a great message about friendship and relationships.  Oh and I love the setting for this movie.  It really shows off the beauty of an ordinary Indian village. I defenitely recommend it to any SRK fans or anyone looking for a feel good movie.


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