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Ok, I should really be in bed by now.  But couldn't resist posting after watching Next Stop Happiness 6.
I mean I saw Mu Cheng's stepdad in the background but c'mon! The couple was already miserable and breaking up.  And as if Guang Xi wasn't going through enough trauma as it is having woken up on the operating table after being sedated and all, finding out his mother lied to him and then his gf was gone...but now Mu Cheng's dad decides to appear out of nowhere to attack Guang Xi at his worst hour!!? FTW?

And I'm sorry....I have no idea how MC was able to reject GX like that.  How can she expect him to have the will to live after disappointing him like that?  I mean hello....wasn't the point of being nice to him till he went into surgery so that he could peacefully go to surgery?  She should've at least made up something so that she could take him back to the hospital.

And I'm back tracking here but just gotta say how unrealistic the whole waking up from sedation thing was.  Am I the only one who thinks its messed up that GX's family goes through all this trouble to get the best doctors and they can't even sedate him correctly??  That's so wrong.  I was hoping it would all be a dream because I was in such disbelief of that.  I don't even know how GX had the strength and presence of mind to run out of the hospital like that...

I just don't get how GX had the power to survive all this...he's gotta be one strong guy, I tell ya.
Can't wait to see his son next week!! And meet the new GX!! Both his present and future hairstyle look really good on Vanness.


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