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"Fool me once, shame on you."

I *heart* Damon!!! Love Damon!! Love Damon!
Love Damon so much!!  He's so sweet!! But he's so terrible.  So terribly sweet and funny!!!  Ian deserves an award for his comedic timing and skillful line delivery and convincing switches to tortured lovesick soul!  I want Damon to be happy.  And sorry but Damon x Elena have way more chemistry than Stefan x Elena.

1983???  Chicago???? FTW!!!  Elena's supposedly only 17 so that theory wouldn't work.
Then there's also the supposed possibility that she's Alaric's wife, Isabel's daughter.  Ahhh....I have no idea what to think.
Tho, I still kinda suspect that Elena IS Katherine.  And I can only assume by magic she was turned human.  possibly some magic to turn her into a child to be raised by the Gilbert's?  Or some kinda mind control to manipulate people's memories??? And in the process she gave herself amnesia?? Did she not go back to Damon and Stefan because she wanted to punish herself and felt guilty for messing up the brothers' relationship?? Or was she like Damon and decided she wanted a relationship that was real and became human knowing that they would find her and hoping she could start over with them.   Also who turned Damon and Stefan because it seemed like Katherine was already trapped in the church before she got a chance to turn them? So many questions! I have no idea whatsoever!!

In any case I love Damon. He doesn't deserved to be hurt this much! Damn.  I'm so glad Elena hugged him.  He really has noone he can trust.


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