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The 2010 Vancouver Games have begun!

So the Vancouver games have begun!  I watched the opening ceremony this morning! My favorite part was when they had the flying skiers and snowboarders around a mountain with speedskaters skating below them. It was beautiful.  As a proud American, I'm quite competitive when it comes to other countries.  But I have to hand it to the Canadians, they did a good job with the ceremony minus the cauldron gaffe.  But hey technical difficulties happen.  The outdoor cauldron was beautiful tho.

I can't believe I've been in Japan for quite a few Olympics already.  This (and well around Thanksgiving) is the time when I wish I could be in the States most.  There's nothing like cheering on the Olympic team at home!  And nothing beats NBC' coverage of the Olympics! (I could watch it all day.)  Well at least compared to Japanese coverage.  At home, I like watching the dramatic stories of the athletes from other countries so then I can get to know them and see how they fought for their dream and develop empathy for them too..and not just focus or root for the US team.  But here in Japan, a lot of the coverage is focused on the Japanese athletes and the playing of highlights from Japanese events on loop.  So it's not as interesting....especially the interviews.

However the fun thing about being in another country during the Olympics is discussing the games with my fellow Japanese and other foreign co-workers and friends and doing some trash talking.  I need to find some USA gear to wear around the streets of  Tokyo!!  I'll root for the Japanese when there aren't any Americans to cheer for but yeah USA, all the way.

I hear Canada is projected to win the most medals in Vancouver with the US right behind them.  But hey hopefully the US pulls a few surprises.  Perhaps thats wishful thinking tho, since I've heard about so many injuries on the US team.><  Right now, I'm looking the most forward to the US Speedskating team!! Go Shani and Apollo!  And I can't forget Stephen Colbert!!!

BTW, I love that our team is outfitted by Ralph Lauren. I want so many of the items even tho, it'll be Spring soon.
Canada's uniform impressed me, too.  I love the hat, scarf and mittens!!

Anyhow, I leave you with some Colbert for the night!!  Can't wait to see his coverage of the games!


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