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(AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev)

Woohoo!!  Evan won!!  He didn't crack under pressure.  He just went out there and skated the best program he could.  It was such an amazing program.  I loved the technique and the quality of the whole performance.  Just simply EXCELLENCE at its best. 
Plushenko did a really great job, too.  It wasn't his best, tho.  His jumps were not as well-executed as they could've been and his footwork and spins were just not at the same level as Lysacek's.  And I feel for Plushenko.  A part of me wanted him to be able to reach his goal and become a two-time Olympic gold medalist.  But with this new scoring system, it's now been proven that having a quadruple jump will not make you a winner.  Only having good jumps doesn't win you gold, skating an overall excellent program utilizing all the skills that make up a good program, does.

So, I was really anxious when Plushenko's score was about to be read.  Because although I believed Evan's program to be better, I thought the judges might be loyal to the quad.  So I was prolly just as surprised as Evan and everyone else there when the score came up and I had to look at the ranking just to be sure Evan was REALLY number 1.  Such an exciting time to learn the results!!  I wish I could see the print out myself!

The Japanese team did a nice job today as well.  Takahiko was so cute. He did a good job.  Oda Nobunari had a minor wardrobe malfunction.  He paused towards the end of his free skate program and kinda paced around the ice causing the audience to wonder what had happened.  Then he went to the judges and pointed out that his skatelace had gotten torn.  He only had a minute left in the program before it happened.  He had three minutes to get his lace taken care of and I liked how he handled himself.  He stayed very calm and got back out there and continued his program. Such an unfortunate mishap.

Takahashi Daisuke skated well, too.  Again I love watching Daisuke's movements on ice but he didn't have the same je ne sais quoi that he had in the short program.  Still, I think he only had one major mistake and held on to the bronze.

I'm not contesting Takahashi's ranking because he deserved the bronze too, but I have to say if there was another skater that deserved to get bronze or at least closer to Takahashi in the marks, it would be American, Johnny Weir.  He skated a really beautiful program.  Maybe the level of difficulty in his technical program was just lower than Takahashi's.  Whatever the case, this was the best I've seen him skate and I hear it's the best he's skated in his career so I'm really proud of him!!  I've really grown to like this guy through these Olympic Games.  I just love the self-confidence he exudes both on and off the ice.

Back tracking a bit here since I didn't post yesterday.  Congrats to White, Davis, Vonn, Lago, Mancuso and Hedrick.  Shaun White is just so damn cool!  I love his fun personality.  He's pure talent.  He just made a personal plea to Obama for an invite to the White House for some tea. So cute! ^o^

Next major events to look forward to, Men's Speed Skating 1500m and Men's Short Track 1000m.


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