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Found this video on YT. Hopefully it's ok to post here. It's from the European tour.

Last night was HEAVEN (well, if I forget the whole train lines being stopped and not being able to get home because of the strong winds thing)!!!

Went to the abingdon boys school live which was held at the Makuhari Messe event hall.
It was the final day of the live tour and they decided to try having the live in a big hall with seats rather than the usual standing live in the smaller halls.  Even tho, I had a seat on the 3F, the view was pretty good and I was satisfied with it.^o^  The stage was setup a little different from the Zepp Tokyo live.  This time they had the fronts of three cars that Takanori could step onto in the middle of songs.  He would often jump off them too which made me worry about him accidentally spraining an ankle each time he did it.  But luckily he ended the live safe and sound.

There were some extra songs added to the songlist as well as some surprise guests. The rappers from 韻シス came on stage during SOUEN! And then the biggest surprise when Sakurai Atsushi from BUCK TICK came on to sing DRESS (aka the Trinity Blood theme song) alongside Takanori. They were awesome together!

This live had a little more fanservice than the Zepp Tokyo one.  During one point in  valkyrie, Takanori got down on his knees and put his hands around the bottom of Sunao's skirt/kilt. hehe:p 

Also I found that I quite like being scolded by Takanori.  There were a few times where he scolded the audience for liking certain things or for interrrupting him.  And he would start going off on us. Very cute and funny!

I like hearing him speaking Kansai-ben too! <3

It was a great live!!  a.b.s. is just so awesome!  I hope they make it to year 5, so I can attend a 5th year anniv. live.  I have mad respect for Takanori, with all he's accomplished under TM.Revolution and a.b.s.  Just wow!!  Amazing how he remembers all those lyrics...shikamo, so many English lyrics, too!  Very cool!!!


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Mar. 26th, 2010 01:40 am (UTC)
takanori likes to scold fans?? very brave o-o
wow the guest artist is sakurai atsushi, makes me want to watch too..
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