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TAF 2010
(Taken at TAF 2010 by mizukiaya)
This weekend was the annual Tokyo International Anime Fair at Tokyo Big Sight.  I could only attend on Saturday.  And I headed out around 7am to get there even tho I had planned to take the shihatsu.><  But hey still got there in time to get seiriken for the Kuranoa Radio Public Recording and
my friend gave me an extra ticket she had for the Oofuri event!!!
Unfortunately, due to the events that I went to, I didn't have much time in between events to check out all the anime previews.  But well, there's always YT for that.

The Kuranoa event was great!!  I wanted to go to the last public recording but when I became a fan of the show, the deadline for applying for the event had already passed so this was a great chance for me.
I had to buy vol. 4 of the radio cd to get in, so it did cost me 3000 yen but it was worth it!  Shimono and OnoD make such a good pair as main personalities.   And I love Ichi and Nana in Kuranoa!! Especially Nana!!  

The recording gave the opportunity to introduce the new character from Kuranoa, Roku!!  Roku has wings!!! So cute!  If you follow the drama cd, then you know how Nana left Shiori.  Well, after Nana left Roku came to replace him.  Roku seems to be very possessive and wants Shiori to forget about everything else and only think about him.....oooohh. !o!  I'm so looking forward to the next drama cd!!  They let us hear Roku's voice and I was trying to guess who it was because it knew it someone familiar...it sounded like Miyano but I KNEW it wasn't Miyano.  So I was trying to think of all the seiyuu who sound close to Miyano's voice.  And of course, last time I mistook a character for sounding like Miyano was the voice of the Indian Prince from Kuroshitsuji!  So yep, that's right...Roku is played by Tachibana Shinnosuke who was the surprise guest for the show!!!^o^

It was a great surprise for everyone!!^^  They introduced him as Richard Gere which became the running joke for the entire event.  And they also poked fun at Shimono saying that Tachibana and OnoD were the new MAIN personalities and Shimono was just a guest since his character Nana had left in the drama cd.

During the course of the show, we learned that Tachibana wants to break his bad habit of staying up late at night..he went to bed at 4am the night before!!!  What???  Don't know how he got up because they were all saying how they had to get up early yesterday morning. 
We got proposed to by Shimono who lost and had to do batsu game.  He told the audience to say "suki" 10 times and then asked us what number he was in our hearts.  And like there was a long silence but only one person said No.1.XD  Poor Shimono. After he proposed, we had to say "Sekinin wo totte, ne!"

At the end of the show, everyone had to say their comments about the show.  The catch was...they had to sing it.  So, OnoD did a rap, Shimono sang a ballad and Tachibana did enka with OnoD and Shimono adding to his.:p It was quite the crowd pleaser. 

Ookiku Furikabutte Event
Later I attended the Ookiku Furikabutte event.  It was great!!  I love the cast so much!!  And it's been so long since I've seen Wing (aka Yonaga Tsubasa) and YOU-Can (Nakamura Yuuichi) live. Fukuyama hadn't expected to attend the event but was able to go last minute.  Actually, he said he decided to come because he really really didn't want the video message that he had prepared to be shown.  (All the seiyuu who couldn't make it, had to make a video message).  He was very embarassed by his and so figured if he came in person they wouldn't show it.  Of course, they SHOWED it anyway and FukuJun was thoroughly embarassed. :p Not only was he embarassed by what he had said but also by the fact that it was so long..longer than all the others even tho, he had requested that they edit it to make it shorter. :p
Hayamizu (Momokan) played the role of MC and she totally stayed in character..scolding the male seiyuu every chance she got!!  I admire her!  This event was so much fun...if only it could've been longer!!
But I always miss out on the Oofuri events, so I'm really glad I could go to this one.

Kimi ni Todoke Booth

Stopped by this booth featuring Kimi ni Todoke. Had to take a picture with Kazehaya but my friend has it on her camera!!

I regret not writting on this board when I had the chance.  I would've written "Kazehaya is love."

Sawako's clothing which they sell online.

After TAF, I went to my home station and met my sister for dinner.  By the time I got back home, it was late and I was so exhausted that I fell asleep half an hour after I got there.  Didn't get back up until 9am this morning.

Durarara 12

I saw Durarara!! 12 this morning!!  Izayaaaaa!!

Was I the only one double blinking when Izaya suddenly appeared behind Seiji?  What the heck is IZAYA to be able to do that?
Izaya may not know everything but it's scary how much he actually does know about people.  Wow.



Apr. 2nd, 2010 01:30 pm (UTC)
You won't regret it!! XD


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