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Kimeru's FALL Tour! I wanna go!

As most of you already know, Kimeru will be going on TOUR again in the FALL! I'm so happy about this!
It was decided so soon after the first TOUR! So cool!
I'm definitely gonna do my best to get a ticket for the Tokyo date! It'll be at the same venue as last time, too!!

Oh yeah! Kimeru mentioned he was working on a new song and getting his picutres taken! Yaaaay, could this mean a new single in the works for the Fall season!??

But with that and the practice for the DREAM Live, he says he's losing sleep.:< Hopefully, he's taking care of himself.

Oh and I saw the clips promoting the Tenimyu Live! Yuuyan and Tuti were so funny! Yuuyan is so カワイイ Haha, he accidentally left his tennis racket in Tuti's face for too long. hehe^^;
And Kimeru and Hotta-chan! Awww, Kimeru was sooo cute and he said Endou-kun was a good tennis player.^____^

Well then, here's Kime's latest COLUMN entry.

Kimeru's June 2nd COLUMN

I’ll go by continuing to run!

Finally it’s June, ne.
It’s the season of rain but there’s also MY BIRTHDAY and, I’ll work hard so as not to lose to it. (laughs)

And x2 SPECIAL NEWS!!!!!!
I think the people who received the FANCLUB Bulletin already know this but, my Fall TUOR was decided~!!!!!...Kirakira
I’m already Kimeru who feels full of rage! (><)<--So Soon!
In September, it’ll be in 3 places Nagoya・Osaka・Tokyo!!!
Fortunately, the size of the venues for Nagoya・Osaka have become big. v
Last time, everyone couldn’t enter and cried! This time for sure get your tickets and let’s have fun together, ne♪
I’ll be waiting at the venue. v

Please look at the NEWS (section) for details.

I’ve been working hard on writing lyrics for a new song. I’m progressing with that and practice at the same time so it’s difficult but, I want to send everyone a good song and I’m working hard while cutting my hours of sleep!! (><)
By the way, the other day, concerning the new song, I did a photo shoot. ♪ I’m glad the weather was nice. v
Pictures mean…!!!???..kirakira
Could it be, I’ll make a wonderful present, this Fall…!?
Looks like I’m a little ahead of the announcement of the details but, look forward to it, ne. v (laughs)


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Jun. 3rd, 2004 06:42 am (UTC)
Hi~! Been lurking around again and not leaving comments. >.<

You know, I like the way Kimeru writes in his column. Or maybe it's the way you translated it. ^^ Because it's so cute!!! (Sorry, been saying "SO cute!" the whole week and pointing to various stuffed toys -_-'') Especially, 'I’m already Kimeru who feels full of rage!' ... is it me or does he sound like Momo? XD XD

Ne... don't mine me for asking.. can I add you to my friends list? I really like reading your entries. XD *goes off to hide in a corner*
Jun. 5th, 2004 08:44 am (UTC)
Welcome. Welcome! And yes you're quite free to add me. Hope you will continue to enjoy my entries for the remaining of the summer.^^;
I highly agree! Kimeru is so cute in his entries. I love how his personality and charm shines through in them.
Hehe..yeah, perhaps he is quite influenced by Momo-chan senpai!^o^v
Jun. 6th, 2004 05:07 pm (UTC)
I think I'll enjoy your entries forever! ♥

HM! I agree with you! Kimeru puts much feeling into his column! I was kinda sad reading about the time he thought he saw his pet dog~~~ *sniff*

Influenced by Momo-senpai? Not Fuji!Kime... Ryoma!Kime maybe... XD *pauses and re-reads what she had written*
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