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Yesterday, I just took it easy and watched three different movies.  They were all Asian movies, too.
I saw All's Well that Ends Well which is an HK movie.  It's one of those goofy costume comedies like Chinese Odyssey. Aside from comedy, it had action, romance, cases of mistaken identity, cross dessing, etc... Not the best HK movie I've ever seen but good enough to occupy you on a rainy day.

I also watched My Girlfriend is an Agent which is a Korean movie!!  It's probably the best Korean movie I've seen in a long time.  It's a romantic comedy starring Kim Ha-Neul and Kang Ji-Hwan!!  I've loved Ji-Hwan since he starred as Hong Gil Dong in the drama with the same name.  Ji-Hwan and Ha-Neul were the perfect combo for this type of comedic genre. 

I love how Ji-Hwan acts when he has to be angry for a role.  One of my favorite scenes is  when Kim Ha-Neul's character Soo Ji is talking to his character on the phone in Japanese.   He yells at her for thinking he can't understand Japanese and then starts speaking Japanese himself.  Hehe..his Japanese was so cute.^o^

There's another part of the movie where he's calling her on the phone to break up and his first message is all kind and gentle but then he finds out the message didn't go through.  So he gets angry and starts yelling at her about why he's leaving her and how she's such a b!tch for always giving the excuse that she's at Jeju Island when he wants to meet her.

Actually the characters really love each other, so it's just cute seeing them react to each other....it's one of those frequent すれ違い type of relationships.

Right before going to bed, I watched the Chinese movie, Mulan starring Vicki Zhao!  I loved this movie.
Zhao Wei was perfect for Mulan!  Of course, this is a bit different than the Disney movie. But the basics are the same.  Young woman dresses up as a boy and enlists in the army so that her sickly father won't have to. In the movie we get to see her many victories and at the same time her frustration because she truly doesn't want to fight anymore.  She falls in love with Wentai who is equally as talented as her and becomes a general alongside her. There were two big surprises in the film which I won't spoil you because they were good.  But yeah, unlike the Disney ending, this one was a bit more bittersweet.

Well I'll leave you with the trailer for My Girlfriend is an Agent.


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