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Eun Hye's Cass Beer CF w/ 2PM

Ahhh! I can't stand all the noisy construction going on outside my room.  As if the noise environment isn't bad enough being located behind SATY but now I have to deal with drilling from 7-5 too.  Argh.  I mean I'm happy that the place is getting renovated and all but perhaps I should invest in some good earplugs. 

Changing the subject, I ran into this cool Cass Beer CF on Youtube last night.
Some months ago I posted the Sandara "Dara" Park  version with Lee Min Ho which I also loved.
And I was really excited to see Eun Hye in this one!!  Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, and JunSu from 2PM are also in it.  Oh and I can't forget Boram from T-ara...she was really cute in it.

Anyway, this is like a short music video/drama and the story is really interesting.  Trust me!! Very worth watching.  I'd tell you more but don't want to spoil it and it's better for you to figure out what it's about on your own.  I'll cut my comments for spoilers about the video below.

There are two parts to the video so be sure to watch both.

Cass Beer CF Part 1

Cass Beer CF Part 2

Did you watch it??  I loved the ending!!  They got me!  I was totally fooled into thinking Boram was the culprit in video 1.  I mean I thought something was strange when Eun Hye was giving those scary looks in the beginning but towards the middle of the first part I thought maybe she was just jealous.  And I guess I was a bit surprised because she usually plays the good girl. hahaha I thought she was just gonna be one of those girls who looks mean but is actually a good girl at heart.XP

And I loved when Khun opened his eyes after Eun Hye creepily said "You're mine." at the end.  Wahhhhhh.  I want a part 3!!  I want to know what he was thinking!!  But yeah that was the perfect ending to get people excited for the CF.

I don't really drink alcohol.  But if I was in Corea I'd wanna try Cass Beer just from watching all these awesome CFs with all this hot talent!


Apr. 13th, 2010 12:34 pm (UTC)
I actually don't have a favorite in the group...tho, that might change after Taec's character appears in "Cinderella's Sister" but Khun definitely stood out for me in this video. And it was also somehow so attractive how he was totally unaware of the things going on around him. Sleeping Khun is cute! I'm conflicted...I like the suspense that it ended with but I kinda would love to see a part 3 where we can see what Khun'll do next. Does he pretend he didn't hear anything and go back to sleep, does he think to himself aww sexy eun hye loves me THAT much she's so sweet or does he jump up and freak out in front of her. haha...I wanna know.


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