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Today I'm feeling better.  Yesterday, I had a really bad headache and just felt so sick that I slept most of the day.  I don't really know why tho.  I'm guessing it's a result of my irregular sleeping schedule and lack of sleep these past weeks.  It's like it all just suddenly took its toll on me at once. 

I watched Durarara 17 this morning.  Wow...ok...Kida has my attention all of a sudden.  And Miyano won me over with his "chikusho" at the end!  That suddenly upped Kida's coolness level 100 times on the tail or おしり of Izaya and Shizuo.

For lunch I met up with hinoai  in Ebisu to have a Thai-style lunch at Jai Thai.
I usually only eat at this chain when I'm in Narita, at the airport waiting for a flight.
And finally just now got the chance to eat at the one in Tokyo.   I had yellow chicken curry and coconut ice cream with tapioca and coconut milk for dessert!! So delish!!

Afterwards we walked all the way from Ebisu, for the sake of saving money and getting a bit of a workout (ooh yes killing two birds with one stone), we walked from Ebisu to Harajuku.  Luckily, it was only drizzling a little.  For most of the day tho, it was just partly sunny and partly cloudy and quite summer-like in temperature.  Very much a day where I wished I had worn shorts instead of the pair of jeans I DID decide to wear.

In Harajuku, my sis and I accompanied hinoai as she went around shopping for clothes.  I saw so many cute dresses!!!

Now, I'm so exhausted.  I think I'll turn in early tonight. おやすみ!


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