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Busy Weekend. Busy Week.

 Ah! I can't believe it's already Tuesday.  Had a really busy and fun weekend!
The schedule went kind of like this.

Friday: Gundam Cafe in Akiba

Kiniro no Corda Event: Seisou Gakuinsai in Yokohama
                  Okonomiyaki with Lin-tachi in Shibuya
                  Missed last train home after losing track of time taking purikura in Shibuya
                  Walked from Shinjuku eki to Lin's house in Nakanosakaue and had a slumber party

Sunday: Walked back to Shinjuku from Lin's house to meet up with sister
                Lunch at El Toritos

Monday: Hanging out with guesthouse friends 
                Dinner with friends at Billy Bronco's

So today, is my relaxation and packing day.  And uploading some pics in between.  I have so many pics from the weekend!!^o^
Especially, have some interesting ones I want to upload from the trip to Akiba!  

I also gotta fit in some time to watch last week's episode of Oofuri and Drrr!! hehe..I love this pic!!  Taken in Shinjuku on Sunday morning. Click for a bigger view.


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May. 18th, 2010 09:46 am (UTC)
That seems have being a funny weekend :D
Gundam café ? What's it exactly ? A café with many gundam ? XD
I want to go o/ ^^

Okonomiyaki *ç*
Long time I had eaten one (T_T)

You make me hungry :pp

And I love your pictures too :p

It's looks like a fashion photo as we see in magazines ^^

Enjoy your week \o/

May. 18th, 2010 02:50 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was a really fun weekend!

The Gundam cafe is really nice. It's built so like your on a ship just like in Gundam. And all of the drinks and food are Gundam-base. You should definitely check it out if you go to Akihabara.:)

That was the first time I've had okonomiyaki this year!! It was so delicious!!^o^

Thanks for your comment about the pictures. ^^
I have so many pictures I want to post!!^o^

Hope you have a wonderful week, too!
May. 18th, 2010 04:10 pm (UTC)
I'll definitely go there (^o^)v But I afraid of being alone, because I don't know if my best friend want to go there... She don't like Gundam :s That isn't her cup of tea (>_<)
Have you some pictures ? ^^

I haven't already eaten one, this year ^^ Actually... I have never eaten a real Japanese Okonomiyaki...
I'm not sure those I eat in my Japanese restaurant are the same tastes in Japan ^^;

Post, post ^^ I want to see them :D
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