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 These days I've been pretty busy.  I've been running around Maryland, Virginia and DC going to all these different places and running errands with the 'rents.  And over the weekend, I went to West Virginia.  I went to Charlestown Races and Slots which apparently is a casino my father likes to go to (Don't worry he's not a gambler or anything....just likes to go every now and then).  It was my first time being in a casino and I don't really like to lose money.  So I told my dad, we should only play for an hour and then leave. :p (Yeah a short time despite traveling all the way to WV)  My strategy is very cautious and possibly less likely to win the big money but what can I say, I'm a beginner.  I decided to play the 5 cent machines and as soon as I made double or more of what I entered into the machine I cashed out.  Hehe...that way I only made money instead of losing any.  Well starting with just $80 I left with $203. woohoo way to make money in an hour!  I miss metal games but making real money is always nicer!:p

On Sunday, I went to get my second earlobe piercings! I can't wait for my holes to completely heal.  I got my first holes when I was a baby so I didn't realize how much work the after care of newly pierced ears takes.  I feel a bit paranoid about making sure my piercings don't get infected now.  I've gotta make sure to keep my hair away from the piercings and be extra careful never to touch my ears or sleep on them.  Sometimes my ears get itchy and I wanna scratch them but I think that's only because I'm thinking about how I shouldn't touch them so much. I've been cleaning my ears with this solution that the piercers gave me.  I've gotta clean them every day with the solution and I was told to rotate my earrings as well...6 more weeks of this and I can finally relax.  Can't wait!!  I'll finally be able to wear the earrings with the little chains that link two earrings together!!^o^

Lately, I haven't had much time to read any books....novels nor manga.  Hopefully, I can make some time this summer to read the collection of Japanese BL novels I have waiting for me.  I also wanna catch up on the BL Drama Cds that have been released this year so if any one has any recommendations let me know.  I've already been listening to the Cold Series.

And to everyone who asked me to add you in the last couple of weeks, sorry for the delay I'll add you all by the end of this week.
I finally have my computer set up in my room so I'll be able to come online more often now.  Well, as long as I'm home.  I will probably be at my house in Orlando next week or at least for the weekend.
Only thing I'm lacking in my room right now, is better lighting.  I have two lights in my room and they're still not bright enough.  It really irks me  because I like bright rooms when I'm reading and writing.><  Gonna have to wait a little while longer to get a new light though.  Good and I mean REALLY good floor lamps are so expensive.


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Jun. 10th, 2010 12:54 am (UTC)
Yup~ Cold series was awesome ♥ It made me relisten to all of Nojinii's drama cds (though really rare and few).

Recommendations... Doushitemo Furetakunai and Junshin ni mo Hodo ga aru are always the titles that quickly come to mind. But since it's been out way back, I think you might have listened to those already.

Also!! Looks like the drama cd for Shoui and Asari's arc is coming out in July ♥ I'm so excited about that *_*
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