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Atsukute tamaranai! It's so damn hot!!

 I wanted to write that subject in kana but I lost my windows cd so my computer won't let me install Japanese fonts. ;__;
So if you ever find me typing in Japanese, it'll be because I'm typing from my keitai or my mom's PC.  I can't wait till I can save up for a new computer.  Everything must be upgraded!

There's only two anime I'm currently keeping up with every week right now.  Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Ao no Exorcist.  If you know me well, you know I'm a big Nakamura Shungiku fan and was a fan of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi before it became an anime.  I even own a few of the BL novels.:p  So it shouldn't be such a surprise that I like that series so much.

Ao no Exorcist on the other hand, I knew nothing about before watching the anime.  So far I love it!  Especially the mystery and the unknown. I've gotta get my hands on the manga!  I've seen up to the seventh episode so far and like with all typical shounen series, they are still setting us up with character introductions.  I hope we can get to the real core and drama of the story further into the series.  BTW, was anyone else going !__! at the end where Rin was naked.  At first I was like !__! then ?__?..But I figured out why.  It was just so shocking and funny at the same time.:D
If anyone has any suggestions for Spring anime, let me know.  I have no idea if I'm missing out on any other good ones.
These are some pictures that I don't think I've posted on LJ yet.  They're pictures that I took last April when I visited the Uniqlo store near Harajuku.  It's probably the most interestingly decorated UNIQLO store I've ever visited in Japan.


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