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I shall miss you Tenimyu 3 TOKYO 2004

Wahhhhhhhhhh~. It's actually over! I can't believe it. Yesterday, was the last perfromance of Tenisu no Oujisama More than Limit SeiRudoulph Gakuin to be running in Tokyo. And I have to say it's been quite a busy week and a half almost during the whole run. It's so sad that I can no longer just hop on a train to Ikebukuro to catch a glimpse of the Tenimyu cast. But the good news is that my life no longer will have to revolve on their schedule for demachi. hehe:p
Honestly, it was so hard to turn down friends' invitations to hang out elsewhere just so I could quote `go shopping' unquote in Ikebukuro..yeah.

But waahhhh...I will miss the coolness of such an oppurtunity. Wonder if it'll be the same kinda situation for the next musical, tho. Us fans, were so lucky to be able to see them so closely, I think.

Yesterday, was probably the craziest of the days that I've ever gone to see them after the show. I mean my gosh the J-fans went crazy and it was utter chaos once the cast came out in one big group to bid one final farewell and express their thanks for all the support they received during the Tokyo run.

Usually, fans would stay back near the sidewalk and wait for the actors to passby before they did any kind of greeting or whatnot. But this time, the numbers of fans who came was much bigger than ever before and people immediately rushed near the actors as soon as they made their way pass the backstage doors.

Man, if I knew they were gonna be this agressive, I would've prepared myself for a front row spot. But, argh, they caught me by surprise so it was kinda hard to get a good view of all the cast. And it doesn't help that I'm not that tall. I had to jump in order to see people. But then I realized if I moved more to the vans parked in the parking lot I could get a better view and so I did.

Oh and I had been so worried about pictures not being allowed before, that I was so surprised when I saw others fans using their cameras. I thought, darn, all those miss oppurtunities to get excellent pics of the cast. Flashes were coming from all over the place. I'm sure quite a few ppl were bound to have gotten some good shots. urayamashii.

Oh yeah and before they came out, you could see them undressing and taking off wigs from their dressing room windows. They opened and closed the blinds and sometimes lifted them up and down to tease fans. You could even see some of the cast peaking through the blinds to check out the fans and then sometimes waving at times. It was cool.

Anyways, back to when the group came out. Tuti was the designated spokesperson who thanked everyone. And the cast stood there for a while, while everyone took their pictures. And of course, Yanagi was there, too! I blv he was wearing a red shirt. It was really cool to see him again in person after having seen him at the Dream Live as well. Since the crowd was much bigger than usual, it made me think that the guys may've been a bit overwhelmed. Even, I was thinking wow, there are so many people here.

Eventually, the lady who's like in charge of getting the guys to the station safely, made the fans clear the way for the actors to pass by. I saw Endo the closest and he was bowing and thanking people, I wanted to greet Tuti but he was so far and so many people were around it would've been impossible to get his attention, so I just watched MoriEiji, Kenn and other members of the Tenimyu 3 cast as they passed by.

A little bit after they passed by, Souta rolled up in his car with someone in the seat next to him. But whoever that was, they were way too small to see with Souta's figure being as tall as it is. It seemed like most fans, mistook that small guy to be Kimeru and some of them left.

I remember not seeing Nagayan in the group of ppl who walked to the station. So, I stayed behind waiting for him or Kimeru to appear. Usually Nagayan walked to the station with the others. So, it was a pleasant treat to see Kimeru roll up in his car with Nagayan at his side. Don't you know they make the cutest pair. hehe

They both waved at all the fans in their sight. They were so kind.
They turned on to the street and got stopped at a nearby traffic light. They greeted some fans who were on that side of the street standing in front of a post office. Those fans were really lucky because the car was stopped right in front of them for a while.

Since they were stopped, I saw it as a good oppurtunity to sneak in a photo. I walked passed the crowd of fans who seemed to have shyed away from even walking towards the traffice light. So I was kinda by myself except for maybe some passerbyers who hadn't a clue that anything was going on. Tho, I was on the opposite side of the street at the time so I doubted they would even notice me enough to say hi. But luckily, Nagayan, turned around and noticed me and started waving. Forget about the camera, I started waving back. Then, it seemed like he got Kimeru to turn around and so Kimeru did and so both of them started waving even as the light had turned green and they had turned into the intersection they kept looking back and continued to wave. Chouureshikatta!

I was even more excited when Kimeru mentioned his international fans in his latest column entry. I'm glad he could see more of his international fans' support during this Tenimyu stint!^^

It was a wonderful ending to such a fun week!
Of course, I have more stories to tell but no time at the moment.
I'll try to fill you in when I've got more free time.


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Aug. 9th, 2004 02:49 pm (UTC)
OMG! YOUR SOOOOOOOOO LUCKY! >.< you even got to see yanagi....i envy you for being there!

Happy you went tho! *glomps* ^_^
Aug. 9th, 2004 08:37 pm (UTC)
how cute XDD
Aug. 9th, 2004 09:00 pm (UTC)
OMG! That's so hanyaaaaaaan-worthy! You're so lucky!
Aug. 10th, 2004 02:56 am (UTC)
Kime and Nagayan! ♥

Funny how a little smile or wave can distract people. The power of smiles! ^^

Dream Pair is just too cute XD
Aug. 10th, 2004 07:02 am (UTC)
*clings to you*
Aug. 11th, 2004 10:13 pm (UTC)
mizu mizu >_< u will go to maruma event?? i wanna go but is in shibuya and u are the only close there >_<
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