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Rock 'N Jam Musical AGAIN!!!
Yaaaay!!!^O^ It's decided...there's going to be another showing of the Rock 'N Jam Musical!!! It'll be showing on 3 days in early February! Nagayan is scheduled to appear but as of yet, Kimeru isn't listed.:< Other than Kime, Izam and Christine, most of the original cast is listed to appear. I wanna go!!! I wanna go!!! I must go! Advanced tix go on sale on Saturday. Argh, I've got work that morning...but hopefully I can succeed in getting a ticket afterwards. It'll prolly be tough tho, since there are only so few showings.:/ Even so, ganbaru!

K-Code Reservation/Order Complete
Finally, completed my order for the K-Code Original Goods!
It was my first time doing a bank transfer, so hopefully I was successful.

Also, looks like Kimeru posted a new entry in his K-Code Column. It's about the goods and Tenimyu practice. He's really amazed at how Yanagi's progressed since the accident. If I have time maybe I can write more about what he said at the end of the week.v

Strawberry meet:Nagayan's FC
Also went to the post office today and handed in my money order to join Strawberry meet, Nagayan's new fanclub. Hopefully, I filled out everything correct there, too. I actually had planned to get another money order slip because I filled out the one I had so sloppily. But, the post office clerk, said it was ok the way it was so I went ahead and handed it in. Now, I'll just have to wait to see if I get anything in the mail.v


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