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Hanged out with a J-family

Yesterday was really fun! I hanged out with a Japanese family and the kids were so cuuute. I was invited by my friend to meet her family and I was so nervous! B/c you know I'm a very shy girl and all. But both her parents were so cool, especially her mom! She's so young. Anyhow, they fed me a lot of food...haven't eaten so much food at one time in such a long time! Sugokatta!

After eating, we headed out in the snow, and went to the local mall. We ate crepes! Yummy! I remember why I like crepes so much now...hadn't had a crepe since I got back from the US. So it was nice to dig into some delicious strawberry-choco and whipped cream.

I'm looking forward to next week. We're gonna go to the Inu Matsuri...dou naru ka na...

New CM
Kashiwabara Takashi

Matsuda Ryuhei
Masanobu Ando

Today I watching BOA hosting on MTV. Then I caught a really awesome CM featuring five of Japan's hottest actors. It's an IST car CM. You think the guys are in love with these European girls but what they're really crazy about is the Toyota car. The CMs and short films feature a European cast and seems to take place in both Italy and Spain. My favorite is Kashiwabara Takashi's (of Itazura na Kiss/Big Wing fame) CM and then Ryuhei (of Gohatto fame). I posted the pics of my faves out of the 5. The other 2 actors I don't really know at all but I know Ryuhei, Takashi, and Masanobu from their films and dramas. You can check them out here.


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Feb. 9th, 2004 02:01 pm (UTC)
This reminds me of that one RTV class. X3 I miss doing those CM reports. Anyways, my fave is the Kassy one, too.
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