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kikitai yo~~Yuu-kun no koe! Sukisho fix.

Still nothing in the mail, yet.:/ Ooh but I checked my keitai bill for this month and wow...I've never seen it so low. *o* I was pleasantly surprised. I'd been expecting it to be the usual or higher than usual cuz I feel like I've been using it a lot more since I've been back. But maybe those two weeks away, are the real reason why it's so low. Either that or it could be because I de-joined some anime and k-pop sites.

Sukisho YES!
Anyhow, I went to Animate. Got me Sex Pistols 3 and a Sukisho drama cd and two packs of trading cards. Oooh, also got Sunao's single cd too. But, the drama cd I got was vol. 4 and I was listen to 1-3 before I listen to 4. Wahh, but my Animate didn't have those cds. So I'm just gonna wait till I get to Tokyo to find them. I want more trading cards, too. But wow..they're really expensive.:<

I miss Yuu ;___;
I miss Shirota Yuu-sama!!^^
So I'm listening to a lot of his SeraMyu songs, right now.
I really like how he pronounces his English when he sings.
When I went to Animate, I tried to find his Tokimeki Memorial CD, but alas, couldn't find it.:/ I mean I saw a lot of the cds for that series there but when I looked at the cast...he wasn't featured on any of them. I take it, he's on a vocal cd..ka na.
It'll be cool if he attends RJM to support Marina.
aitai na~!!! Man, now I'm thinking of going out to buy the latest SeraMyu so I can see his scenes. T__T yabe~e yo!


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