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Oh, soooo cuuuuute!!! Nagayan posted on Kime's BBS. He was talking about being the one who enjoyed himself the most on the 2nd floor! Haha! It's so true. I remember how he was dancing around and singing along to the music! The VIPs were so supportive, standing in the front of the 2nd floor constantly showing how they were having a good time to Kime. Kimeru would even ask if the 2nd floor was enjoying themselves, and you could hear the guys clearly responding positively!

After the live
We went searching for noodles. It was cold so udon or ramen was the plan. We found a ramen shop and stopped there to eat and rant about the live and how to get tix to K's Ark.

After that, we did my fav. hobby, karaoke! We were trying to be cheap but cheap Karaoke in Shibuya???<--not easy to find

But we found a place, where incidentally I ended up signing up for membership to get the discount. So, I hecka better go there again whenever I'm in town.
It was a really nice, clean karaoke joint. We decided to have a Kime/NaB's marathon and for a full hour sang only their music! It was so much fun! Tho, agreeably, we suck at singing "Overlap."<--we need practice. it's soo fast!
"U got game?" and "Chain of mind" were agreeably the easiest. I hope they have "Pleasure of Love" and "Pink" soon. And while there at it, how about "Be Shiny," "Prism" and "Mirrorball!"


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Mar. 2nd, 2005 07:09 pm (UTC)
OMG, really?! Now I have to check Kime's BBS for Nagayan's entry ^__^ They must've had such a good time, having a little reunion and stuff like that. Reading that bit about K's Ark on Kime's journal had me seriously contemplating if I could get to Japan for it. But I had to squish that thought about 30 seconds after I had it. While I could probably afford the plane ticket and concert ticket, I can't afford to take too much time off work, and to fly half-way around the world for 1 or 2 days probably wouldn't be worth it. Not to mention accomodations! *sigh* so, not this time for me unfortunately.

And I wish karaoke here had fun stuff like Kime and the Anipuri songs. I'd go about 10 times more often than I do now if they did. (and I already go about once a month!) LOL!
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