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Sasuga Uchi, Ryo!! Ganbatte IKIMASSHOI!v

Yeah, that's why Uchi and Ryo are my faves in NEWS!! You see!? See!?

Well, if you don't see, just watch Ganbatte Ikimasshoi! Uchi and Ryo are so kakkoii in it! It's the new sporting drama of the summer season! Instead of swimming, baseball or volleyball...it's all about crew! BOATING!!

Basically, it's all about the troubles the main girl faces as she attempts to make a girl's crew team at her high school. While she's waiting to form a team, she hangs out with the boys' crew team and much to her chagrin she discovers her childhood friend who she affectionately refers to as Buu (Hiroyuki) aka Ryo!! has given up soccer and has joined the boat club, too! Their relationship is basically based on teasing, insulting, and being disgusted by each other whenever they cross paths. But...hmmm...I sense Buu's secret feelings for Ei-chan (short for Etsuko).
Hiroyuki (Ryo) and the other boat club members are shocked when they find out Etsuko isn't there because she wants to be their manager. She wants to row! (Honestly, some girls are so crazy!)
Saburou pissed at his annoying girl classmates who keep talking while his girl is talking

Also, there's Uchi-kun who plays the boy all girls want, the oh-so-cool, Saburou. He's not just cool, he's smart (he was reading an English novel when he met Ei-chan) and soo nice...well, nice if you're not confessing love to him, that is. Tho, he does let u down gently.
Saburou, the intellect impressed Ei-chan when he recited a quote that inspired her. She later re-used the quote to inspire girls to join her club.

Uh-oh, I sense a love triangle...tho, I could be wrong. Japanese dramas aren't as predictable as Kdramas. But, I really feel like both characters will develop strong feelings for Etsuko.

Anyways, what I love about this show!! Is that they use Kansai-ben!! It took a little getting used to as I'm used to hearing kansai-ben used by one or two people in a show but not the entire cast! So it was quite refreshing hearing the tone of the dialect. It was so cool! It's no wonder that they chose Ryo and Uchi for this show. I love hearing them use the yas and hens! kakkoii ya~! I think watching this more will make me start speaking like them. Esp. their accent! It's very distinct from standard Japanese.

Well, can't wait till this week's ep!!


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Jul. 10th, 2005 08:13 pm (UTC)
wow, looks like a great dorama to me, nice story, cool actors *o*
thanks for the info ^^
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