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KKM 55: MuraKen what's going on!?
Dude, I need an explanation here. I suck for not picking up my Maruma novel all month! (<--been busy reading Junai Romantica...which is good, too but...)>< Every minute I waste not reading the first novel puts me all the much more behind in the plot!
Darn! I wanna know what's going to happen! I wanna know what MuraKen knows!! Unfortunately, I don't have those premonitions and can't predict the future like MuraKen can....So it's eating me up inside as I try to decipher what MuraKen meant by "Could it be, that we're running out of time?" Running out of time for what!? Argh...I wanna know!

All I know for now is that it prolly has to do with that tall, dark, seemingly handsome mysterious fella that's been observing Yuuri and the gang since ep. 54. He looks like bad news...but who knows.

And when can I see more Shouri!? I miss him!

Tsubasa Chronicle: I'm so in love with Syaoran! Just who is he, by the way?
Dude, I'm so into Syaoran after having a Tsubasa Chronicle marathon and finally catching up to the series. There were a couple of times where Syaoran touched my heart and nearly made me cry. ;___: I esp. love the parts where they show Sakura and Syaoran's past. I wonder if the anime got ahead of the manga in some parts because I've only read I think 3 or 4 vols. of the manga and I didn't remember reading about Syaoran not being Fujitaka's real son. Or maybe I just forgot that part.

I'm wondering where Syaoran gets all his power from. I mean sure it could be the power of true love and determination but maybe there's something else to it as well...What if he's really a prince? Blah, I dunno. Those of you who are up to date on XXXholic and TRC, I prolly sound dumb for not knowing...gomen. And excuse my alternative spelling of Shaoran, I just got used to seeing it spelt that way all this time and decided to try typing it out for myself. It's a lot easier for me to type out Shaoran tho.

Speaking of XXXholic and TRC, the XXXholic movie comes out in August. I wonder if it's any good? I'm kinda curious to watch. At least for the sake of seeing Syaoran again. But speaking of movies, FMA comes out this Friday! woot! mitai naa~!



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Jul. 20th, 2005 10:09 pm (UTC)
haha...yup yup i can't wait to see the xxxholic and trc movie too!!!! and FMA!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw, you can get the bleach manga from http://bleach7.com ^^ enjoy!
Jul. 21st, 2005 03:24 pm (UTC)
oOHH, thank you so much!!! I totally forgot about that site.
Jul. 21st, 2005 12:14 am (UTC)
GAH!!!! FMA movie!!! watashi mo mitai!!! I was sad that my trip to Japan didn't coincide with it at all :( But it couldn't be helped... I hope you enjoy all those movies!!!
Jul. 21st, 2005 03:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks...I'm not sure if Ill watch them yet. I should work out my budget first. Maybe give up breakfast or lunch for a week. haha. or perhaps live on instant ramen. But, Im definitely gonna do my best to watch the FMA movie!
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