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ASAP<--man, I miss watching Filipino shows on TFC! Well, I'll get to see what's new in the Phils. soon enough I suppose.

Ahhh! My sis is coming to town!!! And very soon! Tomorrow!
Gonna be so busy tomorrow. Gotta meet a real estate agent to check on a property. Then, I gotta meet up with my sis. Then we have to check-in to a hotel.
Hope my sis brings some monies for me! I need the bday $$$!! I'm too poor this month. boo-hoo! (;~;)

Well, at least I had today to relax. Yesterday, I was just so exhausted after Kamakura and slept till about 9am. But after that I was re-energized and ready to hit the town. I wanted to get my pictures printed so set up to meet hinoai around 5pm. But had lots of time to kill so I headed to HMV. I'm really good at killing time there. I managed to listen to most of the Monkey Buisness album by The Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West's new single and even BSB's new album. Woah, have you heard their song "Song for the Unloved Ones?" I was nearly in tears listening to it!

Then I headed to Tokyu Hands and got a picture album for my Kamakura pictures. I wanted a really nice one since it was my first trip to Kamakura!
Finally, it was time to meet Jamie so I rushed over to Kinkos and we printed copies of each others pics. I printed about 50+ pictures! (><) Damn, it was expensive but wanted to have them ready to show my sis tomorrow.

Of course, all those pics won't fit into the lil album that I bought...so, blah looks like I'll need to buy another album for the other pics. There were so many good ones in there that it's so hard to choose which ones to store for now. I tried to fit in most of the group shots...We had lots of cute group shots! Like one big happy family, Buddha included! v


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