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IQ, TaiQ, BBQ was so much fun!

Yesterday, I was so exhausted after using up all my energy at the BBQ event for Nagayan's FC, strawberry meet!! Because of that, I stayed in bed till about noon today!
But now I'm all re-energized abd ready to start the weekend.
BUT, yesterday was so much fun! It's gonna be one of my most memorable days from this summer and I'm sure more days like this are yet to come with other events coming up in the near future.

Anyhow, I had a great time. I woke up really early, like 630am yesterday to get up for the event. Jamie, eien_chiharu and I met up at Tokyo Sta. around 820 something. My sis and I were kinda late cuz we were supposed to meet around 750 but well. We walked over to where the buses were and we drew a number to decide which table we would sit at. We got Table 2!

By 9 we were off. While on the bus, we passed the time watching Nagayan's home video...or so was the quality anyway. He explained the day's agenda. We had to take an IQ test (also took that on the bus), take a group photo at Lake Kawaguchi, have the BBQ with yummy yakiniku, and lastly the TaiQ Dance!

Ok that was all great and all knowing our agenda. Then Big Bro Takashi, demonstrated how to sing and dance the special song of the day, "IQ, TaiQ, BBQ!"  It was a really cutesy, fun, preschool kiddy song! Ok the first 2 times were cute. You know when he had us practice it and we got a chance to just listen and try to memorize the dance. But uh, they continued playing the video and upbeat kiddie song over and over and over...u kno the next 10times made me feel like I could throw myself in front of the bus to put me out of my misery...
Honestly, I couldn't take much more. Luckily there was a break.
We went to a rest stop which served as a checkpoint! We had to go find Takashi Buddha!

Ok, bc i was stupid enough to share an hour at an internet cafe with my sister Ill have to yield the rest of the story to another time as my 30mins are up.:/ Maaa, until next time!


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