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I just finished reading Ze volume 2 by Shimizu Yuki (also of Love Mode and Recipe fame). If you haven't read Ze yet, basically it's a story about kamisama. No not "kami" as in God. But rather, "kami" as in paper. The kamisama look like regular people but are actually made of paper. They have special powers that also include healing their kotodama-sama (kinda like a master). In vol. 1 Raizou confessed his love for Kon and became his kotodama-sama.

But in vol. 2, we find they still have yet to consumate their relationship.
One day, they are attempting to do IT. But in the middle, Raizou realizes that Kon is only doing IT with him because he thinks that's what Raizou wants to do. When Raizou says he "loves" Kon, Kon doesn't understand. He doesn't get it when Raizou doesn't want to do it with him even tho, he told him it was ok.

The next day, the two have a fight. Raizou was heating up some sake in a pot filled with hot water. Kon comes to pick up the sake for Waki but he's about to put his hands directly into the pot. Raizou stops him telling him it's dangerous to do that. But, Kon insists he'll be fine. He won't get hurt or burned. Still, Raizou tells him not to do it. This infuriates Kon and he puts his hand in the water anyway. Kon shows Raizou that he doesn't even have a blister. But Raizou is mad. He asks Kon why he has to do unecessary stuff on purpose even tho it'll hurt. He tells Kon that he doesn't want Kon doing dangerous things like that because he's KON. Because it's Kon that he likes and he hates seeing the one that he likes getting hurt.

Kon runs away. He's puzzled about Raizou's words. He still doesn't understand what Raizou wants from him. All Kon wants is to be useful to him..to be able to do something for him.

Outside, Kon is approached by a woman who kidnaps him. She wants Kon to cure her son.
The woman locks Kon up in her son's room and tells her to cure him. But Kon says he can't do it. He wants to be useful, but healing the woman's son is something he can't do.

The woman gets mad when Kon tries to escape and crushes Kon's foot with a heavy item. Kon thinks of how he shouldn't be alive if he can't be useful to anyone. He can't stop thinking of Raizou's words. Just when he's thinking of doing something bad to himself, Raizou comes to rescue him. Kon is so happy and is about to hug him when he realizes it was just a dream.

Kon becomes sad. He wants to see Raizou.

Meanwhile, Asari and Shoui are having words with the woman. They make her lose her memories of her son. Apparently, she had gone crazy after her son died. And kamisama can't bring people back to life. What's in the room with Kon is not her son. It's only a mannequin which she thought of as her son.

Kon knew that it wasn't her son but he didn't say anything to the woman so her feelings wouldn't be hurt.

Soon Raizou appears in front of Kon. He wonders if it's another dream. But, it's REAL. Kon is so happy. He hugs Raizou.

end of chp. 1. chp 2 + 3 to be continued tom. Sorry that was all from memory so hope I didn't leave anything out.


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