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Dang Ou...I mean Jun Hao...Ethan...err...whatever it is you wanna be called!!:p

This week, I watched the finale of Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa (Prince Who Turns Into Frog)! Ahh, It was such an adorable ending! Very sweet and perfect for the two main leads, Shan Jun Hao and Ye Tian Yu, to begin a new chapter in their lives. I can't express how much I love this show! For me, it's the best Taiwanese drama, I've seen so far! And it's my most favorite drama amongst Korean, Japanese, and TW dramas. It had a stellar cast...lots of J*Stars. And the music...oh, the music was absolutely perfect! (183 Club & 7F) The funny sound effects also added to the uniqueness of the show.

I was most impressed by Ming Dao (Matthew Lin)! Many fans of PTF began watching the show hating his character Shan Junhao (my new avvie). In fact, lots of fans have said they weren't even attracted to Ming Dao from the pics they had seen. But, really it's hard to watch "Prince Who Turns into Frog" and not fall for his charm! He has an amazing on-screen presence and his chemistry with Qiao En is just wooow. They're really an adorable couple on the show. Watching the show, you totally see how beautiful Ming Dao is!

Ming Dao's acting is amazing! I'm just floored by how well he played such a complex character like Junhao/DangOu. I mean in the beginning of the show, you start off hating him and wonder how his character can be the main guy..The guy who's supposed to get the girl. It's like that arrogant jerk! How is it that he deserves to get the good girl? Esp. compared to his perfect best friend, Zi Qian.

But, when Junhao loses his memory due to a car accident and becomes the hardworking yet poor Dang Ou, it's so easy to fall in love with him! So most of the fans fell for Dang Ou and boy did they fall hard.

Dang Ou's so nice and Junhao so mean...totally contrasting characters. The part of the show where Dang Ou's personality begins to appear in Junhao really had me impressed by Ming Dao's acting. He can do funny, silly, serious, mean, happy, sad, mad...everything! And his eyes! He can really make you feel cold or warm with a single look! Speaking of his eyes, I love his eyebrows!

Anyways, from here on out, I will continue to follow Matthew. Can't wait till his next drama.

BTW, there's no question. If it so happened that 183 Club were to come to Japan and have a concert the same day as a TeniMyu show or Kimeru live..I'd drop the Kime live and TeniMyu in a second just so I could attend 183 Club's show!

Dude, I need to know when they'll be back in the Philippines! I so wanna visit the Phils. at the same time!!!^^


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