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Takoyaki and in the Love Mode for MeruPuri

So, I didn't really have much time to type up my journal yesterday. Dakara sa a lot of the stuff in this entry will be about what I did yesterday.
Daily Life
I ate takoyaki for the first time! Now, I know why I always see manga/anime charas eating this stuff all the time. Aaaa, it's so good! Me likes. I will definitely have it again. It's basically pieces of octopus fried up in little balls and you can eat it with mayo and the same kind of toppings as okonomiyaki. You definitely have to try it if you're in Japan.
Tho, I prefer to share mine. A friend and I shared ours because we had like 8 of them altogether. And since they're very rich when you add all the toppings, it's easy to get full.

Dorama Cds

Love Mode 4
I got my Love Mode 4, first pressing cd from my fried who let me mail it to her addy while I was away on vacation. I just had to listen to it right away, too. Listening to this dorama was definitely and enjoyable yet very touching experience for me. I cried and cried and cried. Let's just say there were quite a few emotional scenes.
Of course, I've read all the manga before, so it was fun to relive all these moments with Ian x Rin, Jin x Katsuki and for a bonus treat, Seiichi x Tomoki-kun.

Seiyuu Cast:

Reiji - Yanada Kiyoyuki
Naoya - Miyazaki Issei
Kiichi - Seki Toshihiko
Shuuhei - Shibuya Shigeru

(New cast)
Ian - Nakai Kazuya
Rin - Sakurai Takahiro
Jin - Kosugi Juurouta
Katsuki - Midorikawa Hikaru
Seiichi - Suwabe Junichi
Tomoki - Suganuma Hisayoshi

The first part of the cd focuses on Ian and Rin. I just wanna say that Sakurai-san was perfect as "Rin." I loved how he delivered his lines. So believable...kanpeki datta yo!
The second part was all about Jin and Katsuki. I totally loved Midorikawa-san as Katsuki. He really knew how to make Katsuki come alive. I was so impressed! And luckily, as in the manga, Reiji and Naoya made their short appearances...kawaisou na Naoya-kun! Kiichi-sensei is so funny!

And for those who pre-ordered, you can get the special cd featuring Seiichi and Tomoki's story. I was really looking forward to this and I wasn't let down. Lately, Suwabe-san's been installing fear in me from his work in Peacemaker Kurogane and Tenipuri (yes, sometimes Atobe freaks me out). So, it was so nice to hear him being so sweet in this "Fly Me to the Heaven" dorama.
One thing, that surprised me was that Tomoki didn't sing the actual lyrics to "Fly Me to the Heaven." But, I thought in the manga he did (some of them that is). I don't have my manga with me to check...but, that was one of the things I noticed. He just hummed it...which was no big deal really. Man, Seiichi just had to tell Tomoki to lay off the pills, didn't he? I was crying again when he collapsed...wahhhhhhhhhh;___;

One of my fave lines from the cd:
Katsuki (about Jin): "Kono you ni wa kesshite horete wa ikenai otoko ga iru." ("There's a man who I should never fall in love with.")

There were so many sweet lines in this cd. I have to say Shimizu Yuki reminded me how romantic BL can be without all the H scenes, ne. (k, I'll let you ponder that for a moment.)

I read MeruPuri chapter 16 yesterday! I love this story so much! So just to refresh what's happened so far...Thanks to Aram's evil servant Rei, Mariabel (Aram's legitimate fiancee) and Laz (Aram's bitter cousin whose ancestor was the fiance of Airi's ancestor. But, Airi's ancestor eloped with another man. Because of this Laz hates her and doesn't mind making her miserable.) steal Aram's memories and store them in a little box. And what timing! Just when Airi was able to admit her true feelings for Aram..humph! So Arama forgets everything about his relationship with Airi. He ends up resigned to the fact that Mariabel is his fiancee and completely sees Airi as the dirt beneath his feet, a simple commoner.

He really acts like a jerk to Airi! I was so mad! But, he feels a special connection to her and actually gets angry at her for making him feel that way. He even offers her the chance to be his 2nd wife! Can you believe that!? The nerve!
Of course, Airi rejects.

Aram has a mark/symbol over his heart. If he lets anyone BUT Airi kiss him there, his heart will stop. Airi has a similar mark...it a symbol that binds them together. But, Mariabel has fooled Aram into believing she is the one who shares that mark with him.
And now, the latest chapter of MeruPuri.
Prince Jeile helps Airi stay in the Astelle palace by letting her be one of his personal maids. So he brings her to his room
to introduce her to his other maids who worship him and happily attend to his every command. But, Airi complains about the maid outfit Jeile makes her wear. (It's his favorite outfit that he rewards to special girls. Those clothes are special to him.) Airi punches him and incurs the hate of every maid who witnessed it. Jeile and Airi escape out a window and to another part of the palace where Jeile tells her to call upon him if anything happens and whereupon Jeile is relunctantly dragged away to attend to his princely duties.

Meanwhile, Aram is bathing, while thinking of Airi (most likely). While the servants wipe Aram dry, Mariabel pops up happy to have found him but screams and turns away after seeing how...ummm...naked he is. He asks Mariabel why she screamed and she tries to explain but suddenly Aram starts to cop a feel of her chest area and makes a comment about how flat-chested she is. Mariabel cries and says he's so mean. She turns to leave when he calls her to "hold up." She says even if he apologizes she won't forgive him. He asks her to kiss her. She blushes.
Aram: If you love me, one more time...
(Kiss me) over my heart
Mariabel gives a really disoriented look causing Aram to wonder why. He says that his memories are still fuzzy but he heard from Rei that she was the one who gave him that mark.
Aram: On your chest, too, there should be a symbol that I made.
Aram: If you truly are the one who I exchanged marriage vows with, even if I let you kiss me here, my heart won't stop.
Mariabel: I don't want to, right now!
Aram watches as she runs away.

Jeile finds Airi looking up at a castle tower. After she's done cleaning she wants to go there but Jeile tells her not to. Even if she goes there a seal won't let her in. He tells her there are limits to what she can do. They get in another arguement and she stomps away incidentally passing Laz's room as he opens the door. He asks her if he came to look for the box. She's shocked to see him.

Laz: What? Were you surprised that I was here?

He tells her the box isn't there and it was returned to where it belongs. As he's in a compromising position with Airi, causing her to blush, Aram suddenly appears raising his staff to Laz's neck telling him to "Stop it!"

Aram: I'll kill you if you lay a hand on Jeile's woman...
Laz: Haihai (moving away Aram's staff)
Airi: Aram...
You're wrong...
Aram: Come (He leads her away by the hand.)
I want to talk to you.
Airi: A!
Stop! (She snatches her hand away from his.)
I AM NOT JEILE'S WOMAN! (He just glares at her kinda angrily.)
Aram: Come!
Airi doesn't wanna talk with him because it only hurts talking to him. Aram leads her to a bedroom.
Aram: Get in!
(He seals the doors shut with Airi's broom.)

Aram: What the heck is with you!
Saying that you like me...Refusing my proposal...Relying on Jeile! (Suddenly he clenches his head in pain)
Aram: ...not again...
Whenever I talk to you, I start feeling sick...
(Airi grabs Aram and picks him up)
Aram: What are you doing?
Let go. Let me down. You insolent girl! (She puts him on a sofa.)
Airi: If you feel sick...Lie down and stay still...
Airi: I'll explain but...it's because you forgot everything.
Aram:!? (Airi is opening Aram's shirt)
Aram: You...you even touched me!? Doing this kind of thing to me!!! (She finds the symbol on his chest.)
Airi: There it is...(She gets a sad look upon her face.)
It's there...ne.....
Have you ever thought what would happen/what you would do if the mark disappeared?
Let me kiss your heart...(She bends down over little Aram to kiss the mark. But Aram pushes her away.)
Aram: You wanna kill me...!
Airi: No! (She grabs his hand.)
Airi: I want to prove to you...!
Aram: (He grabs onto a tapestry nearby.)Let...(go)
The tapestry falls over Aram exposing him to the dark.
Airi: ARAM! I'll help you right now. (But he's able to lift the tapestry off from over him.)
Airi: A..he got out.
Big Aram: .... (He's furious.)
Airi: (nervously)W..Wh..What?
That isn't my fault (what just happened now)!
Big Aram: (beautiful shot of half his face)SHOW ME YOUR CHEST!
Airi gets embarassed and blushes. she begins to undress and tells him to look the other way. But he gets closer to her and puts his arms around her.
Airi:! (He begins unbuttoning her maid outfit.)
Airi: Don't! It's ok! (tears well up in her eyes.) I'll do it by my...
Airi: Don't, I said...! (She pushes him away. His eyes are big in shock. He holds her down against the couch.)
Aram: Why!? Why don't I remember choosing you...(He holds her down with her dress half open and her opened bra showing. He sees the symbol!)
Aram:...giving you the marriage symbol
Aram: WHY...IS IT YOU!?
Airi: (crying) BAKA!! YOU PUT THIS (ON ME)!!
Airi: (Aram is still holding her hands as she tries to let go) Before, weren't you the one who said you loved me! Saying such selfish things...
The symbol, you forcibly...honestly!
Aram: ...Shut up
Aram: DON'T CRY! (He kisses her. Nice scene of Aram overbearingly kissing Airi here and her submitting.)
Airi: N...
They move away for a second and look into each others eyes, blushing. They move in to kiss each other again. They kiss.
But, then, Aram is hit with a moment of realization and moves away. He puts his hand over his mouth.
Aram: ...! I...(He stands up.)
Airi: ...Aram...
Aram: What am I doing...(He runs away. Airi goes after him but stops at the door.)
Airi: (thinking to herself) Aram...
Aram becomes little again.
Airi decides to go to the tower to get the box back.
She gets to a door but no matter how she pulls or pushes it, it won't open. Suddenly it opens.
Airi: Huh? What!? (She falls inside.)
Laz: You are of the Ratoreia lineage, afterall. Ne, Airi-chan.
Since you were able to enter here.
Laz: But, I won't give it to you.

*In another room*
Rei: Are you worrying about that ojousan (Airi)?
Aram: So what if I am...?
Rei: Nothing... She probably won't appear before you anymore
She's gone astray in the deserted part of the castle.
Aram walks away.
Rei: Aram-sama. (Aram starts running.)

[To be continued]

Yay! I can't wait till 1/24 when the next chapter comes out! woo-hoo! Hope you enjoyed the little summary/translation. If you see any mistakes let me know and if you want to post this anywhere else, pls. ask for my permission.

Well, I'll end it here for now...mata ne!


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Jan. 18th, 2004 04:49 pm (UTC)
Oi, oi, oi! Sakupyon is mine!!!! XP
See, I told u LM 4 was good. ^0^
Jan. 20th, 2004 12:05 pm (UTC)
ochitsuite, chiharu-chan. dont worry..i wont steal him from u.:p
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