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Wow, I saw King of Adventures for the first time today! I love watching Ming Dao as a host! And most importantly as an adventurerer! He's really good at narrating and it's so cool seeing him running around with a huge travel backpack on his back! He seriously worked very hard on this show. I wanna see more!

The episode I saw today was the one in Thailand. He went around tasting the local food, giving the eye to the local gals, gushing over how cute the local kids were, and spending the night in one of those little hut-like houses (similar to what you see in the provinces in the Phils.). Then, after hopping on one of those tamed elephants, he went around searching for wild elephants...and nearly gets chased down and crushed by one.<--ooh, the excitement as he and the crew ran for their lives!:p Uwaa..MD was so hott! Ooh, but he would've been even hotter if he were wearing the KoA outfit that he wears in the ED and KoA promos. Oh yeah! *sizzle*

Happy Turkey Day
Well, unlike last year, no special Thanksgiving Dinner for me. In fact, all I had was a cheeseburger for dindin. Meh...well...
But nevertheless, I did have an interesting day today. First of all, I had the first period of school off today. So I figured I'd use that time to study Japanese. Then all of a sudden I hear this wild screaming in the hall as tho, someone is running for their life. Turns out, it was a 4th grader boy. I'm not exactly sure what happened but he starts cussing out the teachers. The principal and VP grab hold of the boy who was trying to run away. He starts yelling at them, really harsh words like "Die! Let Go! Get out of My Way! F*ck Off! Shut the Hell Up!" then he softens it up after a little talk from the female teachers who try to save the day. He's a little politer and says, "(Shinde kurenai) Could you please just die? (Hanashite kurenai) Could you please get your hands off me? Would you please just f*ck off! Won't you just shut up!"...you get the idea. Keep in mind that everytime he says the word "you" he uses the more vulgar, teme. After they don't listen to what he says, he says "What's the matter with you? Didn't you ever learn Japanese?!" He continues to kick and scream for half an hour...at this point I really wish I knew what it was all about. He even cursed out his homeroom teacher who is this young little woman, who isn't at all strong enough to hold him down on her own.<--Lucky for her the Princip. and VP were there. Once the bell rang, they moved the boy out of the hallway..I guess to save them further embarassment in case the kid started using more vulgar language. Well, y'kno this isn't America...cuz if it were that kid would've been suspended or sent home for the day for cussing out the teachers...well, esp the VP and Princip. But well, this is Japan and I found him sitting in my 3rd period class. I made sure not to push his buttons and ignored him as much as possible. Seeing what he did earlier, reminded me never to lose my temper with the bad kids around here..they can get pretty scary! >.>

Despite that, all my classes went well today. I was quite amused by this one 3rd grade teacher. He kept speaking English to the students and adding "baby" to the end of every sentence. Like if there were students standing up when they should be sitting down, he'd be like "Sit down, baby!" When, I asked the kids to raise their hands if they had any questions, he was like "Raise your hands, baby!" "Write your names, baby." "What are you doing, baby?" I couldn't help but laugh everytime he said that.

And in the same class, during the Q&A session, a kid asked me if I could take off my glasses cuz they wanted to see what I looked like without them. So I took them off and did a sexy pose with my eyes. And they were all like wow..so beautiful. Then they asked the teacher to do the same thing...and he did his own sexy pose, too! It was so funny! We were all laughing. I had them ROFL after I agreed that their teacher was "kakkoii," too. haha. 3rd graders are so easy!

Well finally,
I wish all my US friends, a Happy and Wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


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