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J*Stars are so loveable!

The wall... <---Sorry, been listening to too much of 183 Club's "Zhe Mo" (Torture). I love that song so much not only because of the great lyrics but also because Ming Dao has a lot of parts in it!^^

I also saw the actual full MV for Hao Ai Ta Hao Xiang Ta by 7F and 183 Club! This video is different from the WZBQW 2nd ending MV which I've talked about before. Tho, it has clips to that video, this video focuses more on the groups and a little less acting. But they are, still in character kinda. MD and QE are paired together most of the time. I love the way they look at each other throughout the video, too. There's also this one scene where they're both lying down on the floor together. It's so beautiful. ;___:
They also re-enact the car accident scene.:<

Now, I'm listening to K ONE's "Season's in the Sun" of course, it's in English! They sound so good. I love the MV. They're all so cute. Gino always looks serious in the K ONE MVs...so cute.

Speaking of J*Stars singing in English...I finally saw 5566's Boyfriend MV! I loved it! Also saw the "Crying in the Rain" MV. Uwa, Tony is so cute singing in English. His voice is so nice.
I also saw the One World, One Dream MV. <--I guess this is the Olympic theme song??? I thought it was pretty cool with the cultural music and the costumes were really nice.^^

I was surprised to find, that 5566 also have a Tagalog song! *o*
I wanna hear it so badly! Uwa, I'd love to hear Tony's tagalog! Ooh, does this mean that if WZBQW becomes really popular in the Phils., 183 Club might have a Tagalog song, too!? Oh, I hope so!


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