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Ok, so I'm really happy that I agreed to meet up with hinoai-tachi for karaoke in Shinjuku today. Because! After we'd done karaoke, stuffed ourselves with curry and nan bread, and were merrily on our ways home! A certain someone decides she wants to play chicken (btw, not me)...but SOMEONE decides she wants to cross the busy intersection in the middle of a red light!! But, uh...ok, I was not going there! So I stayed put on my side of the street and THAT person was stuck in the island at the middle of the intersection..but boy am I glad we were delayed by that red light. Because when the walk light changed to WALK, somehow fate/destiny or more realistically chance/guuzen/coinkidinkily...a pair of TeniMyu members just happened to be walking towards us at the same time.

I'm an IDIOT! Because, altho, I recognized Shun-Li and Hotta right away (even tho Hotta was wearing a mask--the kind for when u catch a cold), I didn't greet them or anything. In fact, at first I thought that maybe I was just seeing things...but dude, I turned around and no matter how many times I looked at them..they were definitely who I thought they were. They stopped at the First Kitchen at the end of the street and I was begging that certain GIRL, who decided to play chicken in the middle of the road, to put on her DAMN glasses so I could confirm that I saw who I THOUGHT I saw AND to prove I wasn't joking.

So she finally got her glasses on...which I gotta say "Girl, you need to start wearing your glasses or the whole world will pass you by." Anyway, she confirmed it was the real thing!

I wanted to at least say hi but I couldn't help but think that the best opportunity for that was when we had actually just passed each other when we were walking across the intersection. So I feel DUMB that I didn't say anything..since I've met Shun-Li before and he was so nice! And he seemed as tho, he may have recognized me when I was passing because we totally made eye contact. ARGH..so I hate myself for not saying anything. But when I think about it, at least by saying nothing I saved myself any possible embarassment I could've caused myself if I HAD said something. So..oh well...but (slaps cheek) the things I could've said or asked!!! DAMN IT!


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Dec. 19th, 2005 09:47 pm (UTC)
I'd probably be too chicken to say anything to them... I'd like stare all creepy-like ^^;
Dec. 20th, 2005 04:13 am (UTC)
baka :PPPPP I didn't realize it was red, I just saw someone crossing the street and I thought it was ok..plus I didn't have my glasses on:PPPPPPPPP
And I hope I'll start to wear contacts soon^^
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