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Yesterday, after BleachMyu ended.  My friends and I headed to Shibuya for dinner.  It was already really late and we were originally looking for Korean food, but instead we ran into the Outback Steakhouse Grill and decided to eat there.  I haven't eaten steak since I left America so I was quite happy to have the chance to chow down on it last night!  I ordered Garlic Steak with mash potatoes and rice pilaf!  I must have rice with my meat! We also ordered the Typhoon Bloomin Onion which is a lot different from the regular Bloomin Onion.  It's messier to eat so I prefer the Bloomin onion. Our waiter, Takuya, was really nice and he wrote Thank You in english on our receipt so we wrote a message back thanking him in Japanese.  He was a good waiter...he actually checked on us quite often which unfortunately isn't the usual service in Japan.  Usually you have to constantly call the waiters for refills but this guy was always on top of it!

After dinner, it was almost 12 so yume_no_koe,_miyuchan_and I headed to the Gran Cyber Cafe.  Unfortunately, we couldn't get a triple seater as they were already full.  So we opted for 2 pair seaters.  1 of us stayed in 1 and 2 stayed in the other.

I chatted with my sister for the first time in what seemed like ages (well a week and a half, basically since my comp. began life support)....and of course, all  eien_chiharu could talk about was football.  She's turning into a Washington Hog!<--I'm not being mean...this is actually a reference to Redskin fans.:p

After that, I watched the latest Kyou Kara MaOu. Twas a rather exciting episode.  All I can say is poor poor poor Wolfram.  I fear what may happen in the next few episodes.  I've read the summaries from Animedia and well, it seems the inevitable shall occur.  I have some theories about ShinOu tho.  I also kinda feel bad for Murata Ken.  He knows all these things and yet he has to keep it to himself.  And I know he loves both Yuuri and ShinOu.:/

Now, I really wanna start reading the novels again.  Unfortunately, I left the first volume in the US.  I hope my sis can send it to me so I can start picking up where I left off.

Well, I'm off for now. Gonna meet some crazy carbonara-fan in Sendagaya.



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Jan. 15th, 2006 07:55 am (UTC)
....."tomorrow"????? you are drunk or something? I mean THAT pink lemonade is still affecting your brain after all.
And who is the crazy carbonara girl?? Sometimes I really can't understand what's passing in your brain and you seriously scare me :P
Jan. 15th, 2006 01:30 pm (UTC)
Ok, I was really distracted when I was writing this ok. I was talking to someone here at the gh and so made a little typo. So get over it mi amiga!:p

And who is the crazy carbonara girl??

Oh you know who you are.
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